Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volks' FSS 1/100 Jagd Mirage Pre-order Opens

A new 1/100 scale Five Star Stories High-Spec Garage Kit from Volks is now open for pre-order: "the Green Demon" Jagd Mirage.

The colored illustration of Jagd Mirage.
Image from Gears Online.

600mm tall, 500mm in width. 316 parts in total. Limited production according to number of order.

The regular price is 123,900 Yen (inclusive of tax). However, for VS/VIP members and owners of Volks' 1/32 L.E.D. Mirage Bust up model, the special price of 99,750 Yen (inclusive of tax) is offered instead.

This model will also be available for pre-order at Volks' Hobby Round 3, which will be held at Sunshine City Exhibition Hall A2, Ikebukuro tomorrow (April 18th), from 11Am to 4PM.

Pre-order period will end on May 31st. July release.

Images are from Volks.