Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Skidz & Mudflap for Transformers 3?

More images from the production of "Transformers 3" were "leaked", after the previous posting about Bumbleebee.

This time, we get to see two brand new cars joining the crew - Chevrolet Sparks in black with green and orange pattern.

As you know, the Autobots twins from "Transformers 2", Skidz and Mudflap are colored in green and orange respectively, and the two new cars correspond to them. Whether or not they are indeed the vehicle mode for the twins is not clear yet. For your information, Skids was featured as Chevy Beat while Mudflap was Chevy Trax in "Transformers 2".

"Transformers 3" will be up next year.

Images are from Left Lane News.