Friday, June 18, 2010

Predator Design from Predators?

Something not related to Gundam or any plamo kits or action figures for this posting, but something I'm very interested in anyway. ^^

An image showing various designs for the Predators from the upcoming movie "Predators".

Some of the design seems pretty outstanding, especially the one with an unknown creature's mandible attached to the bio-mask. The one with two tusks attached is pretty mean-looking as well. ^^

Most of the designs can be seen in the teaser released in mid March, so I suppose they are official.

The design makes sense as well in my opinion, since the Predator is an alien race that hunts for trophies to prove their worth. In previous movies, we get to see them wearing necklaces made of tiny skulls of various beasts they hunted in the past, this time it's going to be more direct I suppose, with prizes from their hunt incorporated onto their bio-masks instead. The bio-mask is one of their most important equipments for both survival and the hunting, as well as being the signature design element for the entire race.

Also, as compared to "Alien vs Predator", light armor is the focus this time. ^^

"Predators" will premier in the United States on July 9th, according to IMDB. Can't wait for it to hit Malaysia. ^^

Image is from Kgm84.