Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4,000,000 Thanks and More!

My ClustrMaps counter showed that the total number of visitors to this blog exceeded the 4-million benchmark yesterday (July 19th). ^^

When you're reading this, I should be out visiting the different places in Singapore. This posting was done night before, as with most of the postings since last Friday. It's still hard for me to adjust between traveling and updating my blog as frequently as I did during the day time, and I'm not the type who likes to walk around with an expensive piece of machine shaking around in my backpack. ^^;

Writing from my hotel room in Singapore, I would like to thank everyone who visit this blog, be it regular or new visitors, those who visit a few times a day or once a while. Many people have been very generous with various input and news supplied to me via emails or links, and I'm deeply grateful for that. It was almost like yesterday when the counter moved past the 2,000,000-visitor benchmark (actually it was about 8 months ago). I'm not too concerned about the numbers, but I'm very happy looking at the many digits. ^^

Blogging about this away from home is another great experience hard to imagine for me. ^^

Again, thank you very much for all your support.