Monday, March 12, 2007

Zeonagraphy 3012 Qubeley

I'm sure you have seen news about this kit ages ago (Internet time) from sites like Gunota Headlines, Danny Choo's blog and Winterheim HDD, I still going to keep the news running around since I'm a big time fan for all Zeon MS.

Qubeley is one weird MS from the Gundam world. Back in the old days when my Gundam knowledge is as low as my budget for Gunpla models right now (-_-++), I used to refer Qubeley as 'butterfly' because of its massive shoulder armors. Of course that was just for a while, after I dug into, all the names I used to call some of the MSs (you have no idea how funny they seemed to me right now :-) are finally updated according (hehe~). When I finally got to watch the anime series of ZZ Gundam two years back, I was quite amazed with this MS.

There are four variations of Qubeley in ZZ alone: this blue one (Mk. II) belongs to a Newtype girl named Elpe Ple, another red one (Mk. III) belongs to the clone of a more aggressive Elpe Ple, called Ple Two (obviously~), a handful of black mass productive type Qubeley piloted by Ple Two's clones, and the white original Qubeley belongs to Haman Karn, which was used exclusively in the grand finale.

Personally, I like Haman's Qubeley better. Can you named another MS that appear in the final duel of different Gundam series twice? Well, Qubeley is pretty much the only one, isn't it? In Zeta Gundam, Qubeley fights Kamille Bidan's Zeta Gundam, Quattro Bagina's Hyaku-Shiki as well as Paptimus Scirocco's The-O and almost destroyed Hyaku-Shiki. In ZZ Gundam, the same Qubeley appears again, battling Judau Asta's ZZ Gundam in the final duel.

Top that, EFSF losers~

Anyway, this Qubeley features parts for you to convert between the blue Elpe Ple's version and the black mass productive one. A display base is included, which made me wonder why Bandai didn't think about including a display stand for the MG version years back. The 'butterfly' can only stand in my cupboard :-) The paint job is superb, kind of like a special coating is added to the armor pieces.

I hope to see images of Haman's version soon!

Images are from Amiami.