Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Evangelion Photography Contest Result & Prizes

Banpresto had a photography contest recently, featuring Ichiban Kuji Evangelion New Theatrical Ver. prize item set released back in mid February, more specifically, type F, G and H deformed figures from the series.

The competition requires participants to take a photo of their preferred deformed figure and mail it to Banpresto within the period between February 16th and March 31st. There are 6 different categories for the participants to submit their work, each with different theme and prizes. The winners of each category, as well as other work not selected can be seen on Banpresto through this link.

Some of the winning participation.

The prizes are very exclusive as well. ^^

Gainax Award: Kotono Mitsuishi's (Misato Katsuragi's voice actress) autograph (1 winner).

Dengeki Hobby Magazine Editor's Award: "How to" hobby book series (1 winner).

Ace Young Award: Paperback Quo Card with original design (10 winners).

Ichiban Kuji Evangelion New Theatrical Ver. Developer's Award: Deformed figure with Kotono Mitsuishi's autograph (1 winner).

Photography Competition Organizer Kakioka Awards: Quo Card with magazine-styled original design featuring Super Creative Model (10 winners).

The prizes will be sent to the winners within a month starting April 8th.

Images are from Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji: Link 1, Link 2.