Friday, April 02, 2010

Banpresto's Gundam Prize Item Sets for April

4 sets of Gundam prize items from Banpresto for this month:

Assembly Type DX Heroes & Monsters

All 2 types featuring Knight Gundam, painted in metallic color to express its heaviness and Goblin Zaku. 11cm tall each. Early April release.

Gundam Assembly Type Lacroa Party Collectible Figure

All 4 types featuring Knight Gundam, Fighter Guncannon, Priest Guntank and Martial Artist Nemo. 8cm tall each. Mid April release.

Super DX Head-type Plush Z'Gok and Acguy

All 2 types featuring Acguy and Z'Gok. Can be used as cushion. The mono-eye patch can be detached and stick to other part. 24cm wide each. Mid April release.

Commander Unit for Anything - Zaku Antenna Mascot with Stick on Suction Cup

All 5 types featuring Char's Customized Zaku II, Zaku II, Johnny Ridden's Customized Zaku II, Black Tri Star Customized Zaku II and Shin Matsunaga's Customized Zaku II. 3 antennas per set - 17cm, 10cm, and 6cm in length. Mid April release.

Images and information are from Banpresto.