Friday, April 02, 2010

Magazine Limited Sci-fi Revoltech GR2

"Uchusen" (宇宙船), a quarterly magazine on sci-fi programs and TV shows announces that the latest issue of the magazine will come with a purchase ticket enabling fans to purchase Kaiyodo's Sci-fi Revoltech GR2.

"Uchusen" is published by Hobby Japan. This special offer is to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the magazine this year.

"Uchusen" Vol. 128 Spring 2010 is out since yesterday (April 1st). 1,800 Yen (inclusive of tax). Release info of Sci-fi Revoltech GR2 N/A. It's also unclear at the moment if this Sci-fi Revoltech GR2 is going to be just limited to the magazine, and will not receive a regular release anymore.

Images are from Hobby Japan.