Monday, April 19, 2010

Magazine Limited Sci-fi Revoltech GR2 Release Info & New Images

Revoltech Catalog is now updated with the release info and new images of Sci-fi Revoltech GR2.

- 135mm tall. 18 points of articulation, 12 Revoltech joints used.
- The horns on the head can be separated at the base as seen in its movie.
- Can reproduce the effect of the arm's rocket punch.
- Has a different belt buckle design as compared with GR1.
- Various hand unit included.
- Has wide articulation range for the knee.
- Comes with a name plate and display base.
- Accessories (hand unit x6 - left, right 3 pairs, Rocket Punch upper arm and lower arm parts x1 each, jet fire effect for Rocket Punch x1, display base x1, name plate x1.
- Also comes with RevolContainer x1, RevolChip worth 10 points x1

As mentioned early this month, this Sci-fi Revoltech action figure is the 30th Anniversary limited offer for "Uchusen" (宇宙船), a quarterly hobby magazine published by Hobby Japan.

A few methods possible to purchase this Sci-fi Revoltech:
(1) Via purchase ticket included in "Uchusen" Vol. 128 Spring 2010 issue, which was released since April 1st.

(2) Via purchase ticket included in Hobby Japan June issue, which will be released on April 25th.

(3) Pre-order through Hobby Japan's direct stores located in Atsugi, Ikebukuro, Koshigaya Lake Town Shop. Pre-order has started since April 9th.

(4) From Hobby Japan's booth at upcoming events including Wonder Festival Summer 2010 and Chara Hobby 2010, with limited number available.

The pre-order period for method (1) to (3) will end on May 7th. Mid July release, 2,850 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Revoltech Catalog.