Sunday, May 02, 2010

1/1 HoiHoi-san Contest Winning Participation Display

Kotobukiya has announces the winning work from its "HoiHoi-san Contest" initiated in late November last year.

There are two categories established in the contest: remodeling and photography, with 6 winners from each category.

"Technique"/Remodeling Division

"Mr. Tanaka" Award - Dressed up HoiHoi-san

"Dengeki Hobby Magazine" Award - HoiHoi-san Medical Care Ver.

"Kotobukiya Planning Division" Award - HoiHoi-san Close Combat Type Waitress Ver.

"Kotobukiya Prototyping Division" Award - HoiHoi-san Chinese Warrior Ver.

"Hayamimi 85" Award - Cheshire Cat

"Kotobukiya Staff" Award - Lost of combat will! Dara-dara Lazy

Photo/"HoiHoi-san in my home" Division

"Mr. Tanaka" Award - "Victory"

"Dengeki Black Maoh Magazine" Award - "HoiHoi-san Alice Ver."

"Kotobukiya Planning Division" Award - "HoiHoi-san Roll Out"

"Kotobukiya Prototyping Division" Award - "For the tomorrow of this house"

"Kotobukiya Staff" Award - "Putting things in order"

"Hayamimi 85" Award - "今日のいちげき" (?)

All the 12 winning work can be seen in a new magazine published by Dengeki Hobby, not sure what's the title though.

They will also be on display at Kotobukiya Radio Hall 2F in Akibahara from yesterday (May 1st) till May 9th.

Images are from Kotobukiya Blog and Kotobukiya Hayamimi Blog: Link 1, Link 2.