Sunday, May 02, 2010

Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji Fujiko F. Fujio Characters

Banpresto announces a new set of Ichiban Kuji prize item set, called "Fujiko F. Fujio Characters", in honor of the manga artist's work.

All 17 types in 8 categories, plus two special types in this prize item set:

Type A: Fujiko F. Fujio Characters Original Clock

1 type. 18cm in length.

Type B: Dorayaki Cushion

1 type. 45cm in length.

Type C: Perman Mat

1 type. 40cm in length.

Type D: Korosuke Stuffed Toy

1 type. 20cm tall.

Type E: Vinyl Piggy Bank

All 3 types. 10.5cm tall each.

Type F: Scarf Towel

All 3 types. 100cm tall each.

Type G: Glasses

All 4 types. 9cm tall each.

Type H: Title Logo Strap

All 3 types. Character figure is 4cm tall, logo plate is 3cm tall.

Double Chance Campaign: Copy Robot Plush

1 type. 35cm tall.

"Last One" Award: Original Doraemon Plush

1 type. 20cm tall. Limited to certain stores only. You can get this item if you are the last one to draw from the prize item set (UFO machine).

Mid June release, 500 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Ichiban Kuji.