Monday, May 17, 2010

HMM Zoids Blade Liger Mirage & Liger Zero to be Released & Revoltech Geno Breaker September Release

A very good day this is for Zoids fans, ^^ with new images of Revoltech Yamaguchi Blade Liger this morning, and then announcement of HMM Zoids 1/72 Dark Horn from Kotobukiya. Here are two more new updates regarding both series:

HMM Zoids Blade Liger Mirage and Liger Zero announced - No image yet, but report from Zoikino, who attended Kotobukiya's first "HMM Zoids Product Development Meeting" last Saturday (see this previous posting for the details regarding that event) mentioned that 3 new HMM Zoids kits were announced. Apart from Dark Horn (confirmed to be released in Fall), the other two are Blade Liger Mirage (Fall release) and Liger Zero (Winter release).

Blade Liger Mirage (left) and Liger Zero (right).
Images are from Mopock Dotcom and Crapola Zoids.

Other images from the event:

Fans' HMM Zoids work on display at the event.

Advance release of HMM Zoids 1/72 Great Saber, with signature from Ramar 1/2 Mercy Rabbit.

Images are from Zoikino.

Revoltech Yamaguchi Geno Breaker September Release - Confirmed from the promo poster of Revoltech Yamaguchi Blade Liger.

September 15th release, price TBA.

Image is from Futaba Imageboard.