Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Megumi Nakajima's First Full Album Coming in June

Megumi Nakajima (中島愛), the seiyuu for Ranka Lee in "Macross Frontier" will be releasing her first full album called "I Love You" in June

A total of 12 songs are featured in the album, including "Call Me", composed by Megumi Nakajima herself.

The regular release is 3,045 Yen (inclusive of tax). There's one special limited release planned as well, featuring 4 character song on a 8cm CD, including "Lion - Ranka Lee's version", one of the songs in "Macross Frontier". Also included with the special limited release are PV and "the making of" Megumi's 2 new songs "Sunshine Girl" and "Confessions of a Jellyfish"

Release date for both regular and the limited version is on June 9th.

Image and information is from CD Journal.