Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mysterious New Gundam Project to Begin Next Tuesday

If you think Bandai's running short of idea on how to expand the Gundam merchandise line after so many releases across various Gunpla and action figure series, Bandai puts out yet another surprise. ^^

A new Gundam Project, totally shrouded in mystery over its true content is revealed, with a totally new website - GPJ (Gundam Project I believe) set up dedicated to it.

As you can see, no content whatsoever on the website yet, just a larger picture telling us that the project will begin next Tuesday (May 18th) at 9.30AM (Japanese time), and the next round of updates will be on Monday.

Showing the image of a factory interior isn't helping at all in explaining what is it about. ^^;

Information is from Gundam Dot Info. Image is from GPJ.