Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tamashii Nation's New Chogokin Brand to Begin Next Tuesday Night

Tamashii Nation announces that the new Chogokin Brand revealed in Dengeki Hobby June issue published in April will begin next Tuesday (May 18th) night.

No other information is given at the moment, but from the initial announcement we do know that Mazinger Z and Alteisen are possible first candidates to be released in this new Chogokin brand.

Image is from this previous posting.

Also, as mentioned in this previous posting, next Tuesday is the presentation of this new brand, which will run from 7 to 8.30PM at Bandai Headquarter in Tokyo. I suppose Tamashii Nation's plan is to formally announce this new brand right after that presentation.

On a related note, Bandai will also commence a mysterious new Gundam project on the same day. Are they related in any way is highly speculative. ^^

First image is from Tamashii Web's special page for this new Chogokin brand.