Sunday, August 08, 2010

1/72 Kshatriya from G-System-Shop

Something I totally missed since the last time I visited G-System-Shop - a new gigantic Gundam resin kit under development: 1/72 Kshatriya from "Gundam UC".

Image shows the comparison to Bandai's HGUC version. ^^

At 1/72 scale, the resin kit will stand about 31cm tall. Not the tallest kit produced by the company I'm sure, but in terms of volume, Kshatriya's 4 trademark binders, large torso and legs would make it stand out among most other more conventional humanoid kits at the same scale.

Also, according to the descriptions on the images, this kit will have features such as:
- New enhanced inner frame developed by G-System-Shop,
- Metallic Funnels with LED lighting system,
- Movable shoulder armors,
- Rechargeable LED lights all over the body,
- Multi-color resin cast (like that on 1/60 Gerbera Tetra I suppose)
- Photo-etch metal parts and decals.

Release info N/A, but pre-order has ended according to the image.

Image is from G-System-Shop.