Friday, August 13, 2010

G-U-N-P-L-A & Gundam World Zone from Gundam Super Expo 2010

More images from Gundam Super Expo 2010, currently ongoing at Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall. Today is the 4th day of the event, which will last till next Thursday (August 19th).

In contrary to all the previous postings on this event, this time we look at most of the "other" stuff going on or on display at the event, and by "other" stuff I mean things to see apart from new and future Gunpla kits and other merchandises. By just focusing on new Gunplas in the previous postings, we only managed to see probably half of the event only, maybe less than that. There are exhibition of almost all aspects related to Gunplas, including its history, planning and development, lifestyle, celebrities and other activities such as display of video and gaming at the event.

As revealed in an update on the event back in mid June, the venue is being set up in a way that you follow a certain sequence in visiting the various sections, which is "G", "U", "N", "P", "L", "A" and then there are Gundam World Zone and limited merchandise corner to conclude the visit.

Image is from this previous posting.

Including the limited merchandise corner, Gunpla takes up roughly 2/3 of the event's allocated spaces, which goes to show how much Bandai is emphasizing on promoting the hobby for the celebration of Gunpla 30th Anniversary this year.

And so, images from all the sections:

[G] - Growing up of Gunpla Explanation of the development of Gunpla for the past 3 decades, with comparison on the design of the runner and box art between the past and present.

[U] - Universal up of Gunpla - Display of events, mainly Gunpla competition in places outside Japan. Large battle scene dioramas from SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors series are shown as well.

Sample work of a PG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. Ka and GM Sniper Custom.

[N] - New Items of Gunpla Introduction of the many Gunpla series produced by Bandai. The highlight would be the display of RG 1/144 Char's Zaku II at this corner.

[P] - Party of Gunpla Display of Gunplas done with image color and modifications designed by Japanese celebrities including UVERworld, Hukui Harutoshi, Gackt, Ayana Tsubaki, T. M. Revolution, Shoko Nakagawa and many others. This section also features display of sample Gunplas built and featured in previous issues of Hobby Japan, Dengeki Hobby and Model Graphix.

[L] - Lifestyle of Gunpla Featuring Gunplas related to our daily life such as food (Nissin Food Products Cup Noodle [Mini Gunpla]), airline (ANA x Gundam Sky Project) and others.

Also shown is the room where Noto Arisa (能登有沙) will be conducting her talk on Gundam about how to enjoy the hobby of Gunpla-ing.
Noto Arisa is said to be a big fan of "Gundam Double O".

[A] - Ahead of Gunpla - Display of new directions for future Gunpla development?

Also shown is Gundanium Alloy, a supposedly fictitious material from the world of Gundam. The description of the material is from the Gundam universe, but it's unclear whether this new composite material will be used in future Gundam figures with die-cast components to replace the current zinc alloy.

New Gunplas from "Gunpla Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G" and Ecopla are also on display in this section.

Gundam World Corner "Gunpla Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G" Part A, "Gundam UC", Gundam gashapon, card game, action figures from Tamashii Nation, new Gundam Double O movie HGs, gaming and others

Images are from Moeyo:
- Link 1 ("G", "U", "N" sections)
- Link 2 ("P" section)
- Link 3 ("L", "A" sections)
- Link 4 (Gundam World Zone)