Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gundam Double O Movie's Special Event in Ikebukuro & Special TV Program

Gundam Dot Info announced that there will be a special event related to Gundam Double O movie "A Wakening of the Trailblazer" to be held in Ikebukuro in September.

The event, called "We are Gundam! Gundam Double O Ikebukuro Special" is to celebrate the release of the movie. It will be on between September 4th and October 17th (The movie will be released on September 18th). Some of the programs at the event include talk shows by the cast, display of setting and production notes from the movie and others. A special "stamp rally" featuring an exclusive mini clear files as the prize will be held as well.

Fans can redeem the mini clear file by collecting all the different stamps from the 4 venues where the event will be held. The 4 venues are (not in order):

- Sunshine 60 Observation Deck (サンシャイン60 展望台)
- Yamada Denki Ikebukuro Mobile Dream Hall 7F Gundam Floor (ヤマダ電機 池袋モバイルドリーム館7F ガンダムフロア)
- Ikebukuro Sunshine Cinema (シネマサンシャイン池袋)
- Animate Ikebukuro (アニメイト池袋本店).

Images and information are from Gundam Dot Info.

On a related note, one photo showing the various Gunpla HG kits from "Gundam Double O" on display outside a hobby store (?) revealed that there will be a special TV program related to the movie to be shown on TBS on September 14th.

Looks like there will be another batch of new information related to the movie to be out 4 days before the movie is released.

Images are from Yunakiti.