Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Soul of Chogokin Yamato Introduction

Tamashii Web has a comprehensive introduction on the huge Soul of Chogokin release in December: GX-57 Space Battleship Yamato.

425mm in length. Much like the case of Soul of Chogokin Combattler V the new GX-50 versus the older GX-03, Tamashii Nation confirms that GX-57 will be a brand new design, not a repainted re-released Soul of Popynica BPX-01 version released some time ago. Folks who are wondering about that question when this item was announced back in late June now gets the answer.

The list of awesome features on this completed figure include:

[Sound gimmick]:

Music (4):
- Original theme of Yamato (元祖ヤマトのテーマ about 56 seconds)
- The Infinite Universe (無限に広がる大宇宙 about 26 seconds)
- Black Tiger (ブラックタイガー about 45 seconds)
- New Cosmo Tiger (新コスモタイガー about 38 seconds)

Sound effect (6):
- Wave Motion Gun ignition sound
- Wave Motion Gun firing sound
- Main batteries firing sound
- Pulse Laser Cannon firing sound
- Engine ignition sound
- Warning sound

[Light gimmick]:

LED lightning effect installed for:
- Wave Motion Gun - 3 different colors coming on together with the sound effect
- Bridge - coming on together with the warning sound
- Main nozzle and sub nozzle - coming on together with the engine ignition sound

[Infrared remote control]:

The ability to control the different gimmicks via an infrared remote controller.


The display arms can be adjusted to show Yamato in different display angle.

[Movement gimmicks]:

- Main batteries/sub batteries can be moved manually. Remote controller to turn on the sound effect.
- Pulse Laser cannons can be moved manually. Remote controller to turn on the sound effect.
- The missile pod behind the bridge can be expanded to show the missiles firing.
- Rear hatch of the third bridge can be opened.
- Hangar bay and fighter hatch can be opened.

[Main radar]:

The cap at the bottom of the ship can be removed to show the main radar inside.

[Stabilizer wings]:

Delta Wings on both sides of the ship are reproduced.

[Fighter jets]:

8 units of fighter jets included. 1 unit can be stored inside the ship. Can be attached to the catapult near the tail of the ship as well.

[First batch production special prize]:

Drill missile used by General Dommel in Episode 22 of the anime is included. Comes with a customized stand. Part swapping to show the strike scene via part swapping with the Wave Motion Gun

The promo video showing the various features of this figure can be seen in this previous posting.

Late November release, 23,100 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images and information are from Tamashii Web.