Friday, May 09, 2008

1/48 Nu Gundam & 1/60 Kampfer

After quite a long haul, G System in Hong Kong has announced their next big project: 1/48 Nu Gundam, featuring a new movable inner frame.


For a resin kit, this new movable inner frame design is very advanced. Since most resin kits are meant for their beautiful exterior, articulation is usually quite poor. This new inner frame design definitely improves on that. Of course not on par with the regular offerings from Bandai, but seeing from what the G System can do at the moment, I'm not surprise if they can achieve Bandai's level of articulation for their resin kits some time in the future.

But then again, cost will always be in the way ^^; This 1/48 Nu Gundam for example, is priced at $550 for pre-order. It's scheduled to be finished by the end of May.

Anyway, the design for this Nu Gundam is the Evolved version, as you can probably identify from its arm with many places where the inner frame are exposed. In February, I posted about a 1/72 Nu Gundam Evolved Ver. conversion kit produced by Vicious Project.

Come to think of it, G System did a 1/72 Nu Gundam Evolved Ver. before as well. ^^

GSystem1-48Nu_01_s GSystem1-48Nu_08_s
GSystem1-48Nu_02_s GSystem1-48Nu_03_s
GSystem1-48Nu_04_s GSystem1-48Nu_05_s
GSystem1-48Nu_06_s GSystem1-48Nu_07_s

So, this is the nth Nu/Hi-Nu Gundam produced by G System. Let's see how the company is going to improve on it this time.

Another "famous" Gundam theme for G System is S Gundam, and their MG conversion kit series for S Gundam will come to a close with the last two models: S Gundam itself and MSA-0011[Bst] the Booster unit.

Pre-order price: $195 each and $315 for both. Expected to be finished in July.

Given the details of G System's previous two conversion kits for S Gundam: Ex-S and DEEP Striker, I have no doubt that these two upcoming ones are going to be awesome as well. Just have to wait till July to marvel their completed work ^^

Also, work-in-progress images of the PG 1/60 Conversion Pack for Kampfer reported last February:

GSystem_1-60_Kampfer_01_s GSystem_1-60_Kampfer_02_s GSystem_1-60_Kampfer_03_s
From the knee joints, it seems that the PG kit you need for this Kampfer is Zaku II, but parts used are very limited. The whole leg seems to be from new resin parts...

GSystem_1-60_Kampfer_04_s GSystem_1-60_Kampfer_05_s
GSystem_1-60_Kampfer_06_s GSystem_1-60_Kampfer_07_s
... and I don't see any part from the PG Zaku II being used for the body

GSystem_1-60_Kampfer_08_s GSystem_1-60_Kampfer_09_s
Extended shoulder spike for extra feel of Zeon menace ^^

More images on G System Shop.