Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gundam Unicorn Compilation

If you don't know this already, you can download all the scans for the June issues of Hobby Japan and Model Graphix, as well as Master Model Vol. 58 from a torrent posted by SRW Hotnews.

Most of the news on upcoming Gundam merchandises were already posted days ago, except for the full review on all the scratch-built and modified models for Gundam Unicorn featured in Hobby Japan June issue. You have seen Sinanju in this previous posting, now it's time for the other mecha, including Delta Plus, Geara Zulu, Kshatriya and others to come out as well.

For those who don't like downloading, or just want the scans on Gundam Unicorn, here's the compilation of those scans from Hobby Japan June issue.

HJ6_Unicorn_Battle_01_s HJ6_Unicorn_Battle_02_s
HJ6_Unicorn_Battle_03_s HJ6_Unicorn_Battle_04_s
HJ6_Unicorn_Sinanju_01_s HJ6_Unicorn_Sinanju_04_s
HJ6_Unicorn_Sinanju_02_s HJ6_Unicorn_Sinanju_03_s

Gundam Unicorn Destroy Mode

HJ6_Unicorn_Unicorn_01_s HJ6_Unicorn_Unicorn_02_s
HJ6_Unicorn_Unicorn_03_s HJ6_Unicorn_Unicorn_04_s

MSN-001A1 Delta Plus

HJ6_Unicorn_DeltaPlus_01_s HJ6_Unicorn_DeltaPlus_02_s
HJ6_Unicorn_DeltaPlus_03_s HJ6_Unicorn_DeltaPlus_04_s
HJ6_Unicorn_DeltaPlus_05_s HJ6_Unicorn_DeltaPlus_06_s
HJ6_Unicorn_DeltaPlus_07_s HJ6_Unicorn_DeltaPlus_08_s

D-50C Loto

HJ6_Unicorn_Loto_01_s HJ6_Unicorn_Loto_02_s
HJ6_Unicorn_Loto_03_s HJ6_Unicorn_Loto_04_s

NZ-666 Kshatriya

HJ6_Unicorn_Kshatriya_01_s HJ6_Unicorn_Kshatriya_02_s
HJ6_Unicorn_Kshatriya_03_s HJ6_Unicorn_Kshatriya_04_s

AMS-129 Geara Zulu (Standard, Guard Custom and Angelo Sauper's Customized Type)

HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_01_s HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_02_s
HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_03_s HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_04_s
HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_05_s HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_06_s
HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_07_s HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_08_s
HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_10_s HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_11_s HJ6_Unicorn_GearaZuluAngelo_09_s