Thursday, May 08, 2008

HGUC Sazabi... ... Again

Just relatively larger images (as compared to the previous posting about them) of the three upcoming Gunplas: 1/100 Overflag, HGUC Sazabi, and HG 1/144 Ali Al Saachez's Customized Enact from Happynet Online.

A new image has been added for HG 1/144 Ali Al Saachez's Customized Enact.

1/100 Overflag - Three handles of the rifle for your Overflag. ^^ Not sure how well the pelvis joint is designed to handle its body weight. Also, I can't really see the joint for the wrist, but I believe Bandai should have improved on the appearance so that the joint will not be fully exposed this time, as compared to the HG 1/144 scale version.

Hobbynet_1-100_Overflag_01_s Hobbynet_1-100_Overflag_02_s
Hobbynet_1-100_Overflag_03_s Hobbynet_1-100_Overflag_04_s
Hobbynet_1-100_Overflag_05_s Hobbynet_1-100_Overflag_06_s
Hobbynet_1-100_Overflag_07_s Hobbynet_1-100_Overflag_08_s

HGUC Sazabi - Awesome big red machine is awesome no matter from which angle you see it. ^^ Not sure about you, but this will be a sure buy for me. ^^ The six Funnels in attack mode are most likely make possible through part-swapping, much like HGUC Jadg Doga. It's not sure at the moment whether clear stick will be included to show off the Funnels.

Happyney_HGUC_Sazabi_01_s Happyney_HGUC_Sazabi_03_s
Happyney_HGUC_Sazabi_05_s Happyney_HGUC_Sazabi_04_s Happyney_HGUC_Sazabi_02_s
Happyney_HGUC_Sazabi_06_s Happyney_HGUC_Sazabi_07_s

HG 1/144 Ali Al Saachez's Customized Enact - Plenty of playability for the weapons included in this kit. The rifle can be converted into a knife too, with the blade extended from the rifle itself. The missile launcher can be posed independently, or combined with the rifle itself.

Pretty cool ^^

Happyney_HG_AliEnact_01_s Happyney_HG_AliEnact_02_s Happyney_HG_AliEnact_03_s
Happyney_HG_AliEnact_04_s Happyney_HG_AliEnact_05_s
Happyney_HG_AliEnact_06_s Happyney_HG_AliEnact_07_s
Happyney_HG_AliEnact_08_s Happyney_HG_AliEnact_09_s

All images from Hobbynet Online.