Thursday, October 26, 2006

Even More Pictures fom PLAMO Radicon Show 2006

Still about PLAMO Radicon Show 2006. Today's photos are from The Gundam Base Side 1, mostly on the models' box images. The spotlight is still on MG Strike Freedom, out this December. Even the box image rocks! Plus, there are tons of updates on future HCM-Pro releases.
There are even more images on The Gundam Base Side 1: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

MG Strike Freedom - tempting you even more :-)

MG GM Sniper - I guess it's the MG GM Land Type released a few years back plus a few power plant tanks attached to the rifle. Not my type.

MG Strike IWSP - Should be available in Malaysia at the moment

MG F91 Harrison Custom - Groovy blue F91

HGUC Zaku Sniper - (-_-++)

HGUC GM Striker - check out the box image, seems like GM Sniper is kicking Zaku's ass

HGUC Gaplant TR-5 - Really cool transformable MS from Advance of Zeta

HG 1-100 Saviour Gundam - Despite the lack of a display stand, Saviour is not a bad offer at all. I saw the construction manual a couple days ago, and found out the even the rifle got transformation tricks as well. Cool!

HG 1-144 Stargazer - Special stickers are available to show the lighting effect on the armor. Not sure about the beam circles though

HG 1-144 Kerberos BuCue - Seems like the 'head pack' is compatible with Zaku Warrior. Would like to see more reviews on that!

HCM-Pro Sazabi vs Nu Gundam - could come out as a special pack like Triple Dom

HCM-Pro Jegan - The grunt unit of EFSF in Char's Counter Attack

HCM-Pro Geara Doga Custom - A Blue Geara Doga from Char's Counter Attack. Belongs to a bitchy girl :-) from that anime, forgot the name :-P

HCM Pro Gelgoog - Not a surprise after the HGUC version is out

HCM Pro Hyaku Shiki Plated Version - Bright and shiny Hyaku Shiki, should have been out earlier actually.

HCM Pro Qubeley - Finally, Haman Kahn's ultimate MS is out in HCM-Pro version

Some beautiful diorama sets to give you some ideas on how to modify your UC Hard Graph models.

1-12 HY2M Gundam - Gigantic model costing more than 300,000 Yen. The split on the arm is quite a sore-eye.

That's all for the reviews and photos on PLAMO Radicon 2006. Life should go back to normal now :-) If you wish, please visit Danny Choo's photos on the event as well.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

More Pictures fom PLAMO Radicon Show 2006

Here are a few more photos from the event mentioned above. These images are from another website, Hobby Shop Midori, which are quite huge in their respective file sizes. Therefore, I'll just include one image per-Gundam-stuff :-) and you can choose to view the details from the links selected.

It's great to see MG Strike Freedom and HG 1-144 Kerberos BuCue on during the event. Hope to see more about them in the future.

MG Strike Freedom - front view, front view 2, rear view, display base

SD Strike Noir - rear view, box art

HG 1-144 Kerberos BuCue - top view

MG GM Sniper (The 08th MS Team) - front view

1-400 Gundam Collection: Dendrobium vs Neul Ziel - Dendrobium side view, Dendrobium arsenal 1, Dendrobium arsenal 2, marking, Gerbera Tetra, box art

HCM-Pro Sazabi Special Coating - side view, front view, box art

Friday, October 20, 2006

PLAMO Radicon Show 2006

This will be quite a long post, with so many pictures.

These are photos from PLAMO Radicon Show 2006 in Japan, another one of those annual toy exhibitions we would never get to see here in Kuching. Images are from Run Chicken S (Don’t ask me, I don’t know why that guy want this for his blog name)

Macross Carrier
Macross Carrier
Remember this big guy from Macross /Robotech? Seem like he’s transformable. Not sure about the scale, i.e. how humongous he will be but people who like him can save around 15000 Yen when he is finally out.

Girlish robot
Girlish robot
Walau! Very girlish robot from don’t-know-what-series. Reminds me of Nobel Gundam from G Gundam. Cute?

Armored Core
Armored Core
Armored Core
Armored Core
Armored Core
A few really kiss-ass mecha from Armored Core.

Super Robot War
Super Robot War
This is R-1 from Super Robot War. Looks really close to Victory Gundam, and he transforms as well. With the release of Gundam F91 this year, I speculate that Victory, the smallest fully transformable Gundam will be out next year.

Super Robot War
Another unknown mecha from Super Robot War. Super-duper sword.

One of the latest entries for Zoids. I used to collect some of these models a few years back, when I was just wondering how many guns they can put on a single animal :-) Now they are making these mecha to look really mean, but cool~

UC Hard Graph EFSF Land Team
The 3rd entry for UC Hard Graph, and finally it’s the EFSF’s turn to get one of their scenes to be turned into models. This is a hover tank from the 08th Gundam Team. Seems like the characters included are from the anime as well. Not sure if the kit also include the tables and other props you see here.

UC Hard Graph next release
Next UC Hard Graph release will be this… a GM arm and a soldier… I wonder what will it be.

HG 1-144 Stargazer
HG 1-144 Stargazer
HG 1-144 Stargazer. Got to love the beam ring. Plus, can you see the box art of Kerberos BuCue on the left. That’s one of the best refit-design from that anime for me. I wonder when we’ll be able to have a peak into its content.

L Gaim
The model of L Gaim Mk II from Bandai’s Real Robot Revolution series. The first one is 1-48 Layzner. L Gaim Mk II will come out pretty soon, before the end of this year. The next one is Xabungle, with is under construction.

EX White Base
EX White Base
Ex Model White Base. Those designers must have worked really hard to turn such a simple design from the original anime into this marvelous piece of model.

HGUC Gaplant TR-5
HGUC Gaplant TR-5
HGUC Gaplant TR-5 from Advance of Zeta. I have seen the design in Dengeki Magazine, and the details of this mecha is astonishing. Never thought hat Bandai make a model out of it. Priced at 2600 Yen, this Gaplant is pretty close to a MG model already.

HGUC GM Striker
HGUC Zaku Sniper
Also, GM Striker and Zaku Sniper, which were mentioned once in my blog. Still not impressive enough for me even when I’m looking at it for the n-th times now.

EX Model Hildolft
EX Model Hildolft
EX Model Hildolft
EX Model Hildolft
EX Model Hildolft
The biggest surprise of the event is Ex Model Hildoltr. Wuhuh~ Finally the incredible tank-MS from MS IgLoo is going to be out, in a model affordable for me. You can read about Hildoltr's action in that episode here. Previously, Hildoltr was featured as an expensive kit, but now, looks like there’s another model on my wish list already. Not sure if he is transformable, but the details on the body and armor are enough for a ‘Go’.