Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thanks for your Support

Checked Google just now (8.20pm, 29th July 2006) and found that my blog is now at the 8th result result when you search for "blogspot Gundam". I'm very pleased with the improvement, as months ago, I can't even find my name in the 16th or 17th page of the same search. Thanks to all your support as well, for frequently visiting my page and leave your precious feedback. There'll be more updates on Gundam models in my blog in the future, plus a lot of reviews on my own model collection as well.

My blog is now No.8 on Google, and I didn't pay anything to advertise!

Speaking of updates, I still owe you guys reviews on HGUC Gelgoog Marine and Dontropen, plus MG Strike Gundam, also review on anime series UC0083: Stardust Memory and the movie Gundam F91. Quite a lot of stuff to write up :-)

At the mean time, here's a cute clip about the finale of Gundam Sentinel from YouTube. A note for all of you, Gundam Sentinel was never made into any sort of anime series or movie, as the original story only appears in a photographic novels, i.e. a novel with many model-based images. So, some Japanese 3D animator converted the story into this little clip. Cool!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Gundam Models from Tokyo Toy Show 2006

Here are some juicy pictures of new Gundam models from Tokyo Toy Show 2006. Most of the models mentioned had been introduced in some of my previous postings, except for the Extended MS In Action version of Nu Gundam and Sazabi. Looks like Bandai is really pounding hard on mecha from Char's Counter Attack series; I'm still thinking about getting one HCM Pro Sazabi, and now they are developing the Extended MIA version? Which one should I go for anyway? The same confusion will run the same for most of Char's fan like me. One thing for sure, Bandai shows no mercy to anyone's wallet who loves Gundam :-) Although they are still in prototype form, but I guess we will be meeting them around September or October.

There is still no news about any Perfect Grade model coming out this year. Will there be any this year? We'll have to wait a little bit longer for that answer...

Images are from GA Graphics. Click to view a larger image in a separate Windows.

1-400 Alpha Azieru from Char's Counter Attack

Extended Mobile Suit in Action Nu Gundam, still under development

Extended Mobile Suit in Action Sazabi, still under development

HCM Pro Sazabi

HCM Pro ReGZ piloted by Amuro Ray - see the Red Pegasus marking on the shield? That's his trademark :-)

HGUC Gundam GP02A

HGUC Powered GM from UC0083: Stardust Memory. Nice action pose!

HGUC Zaku I Black Tri Star Version

Master Grade Ball Shark Mouth Marking from MS IgLoo

Master Grade F91

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Favorite Gundam Poll: The Original is still the Best

After 110 votes, here’s the result: Gundam RX-78-2 from the original Gundam series tops the list with 24% of votes. So, the original is still the favorite Gundam design of all. Quite amazing, as mid-way through the votes, the battle is between Freedom Gundam and Gundam Mk II. They were 2nd and 3rd respectively in the final count.

Gundam GP01/fb were place 8th although it was leading at one time. The last place goes to Gundam ZZ from the series with the same title. Maybe everyone’s not familiar with this mecha? Or the complex transformation process it possesses doesn’t impress at all. Anyway, here are the complete result and a bit of intro on each of the Gundams:

Winner: Gundam RX-78-2: (MS Gundam) a prototype MS developed by the Earth Federation during the One Year War in UC0079. Piloted by a Newtype named Amuro Ray, who pushed the ability of Gundam beyond its limit, the ultimate MS helped to turn the tide of the war in favor of the Earth Federation, and becomes a legend in the UC timeline.

1st Runners-up: Freedom Gundam: (Gundam SEED) developed in secret by the ZAFT, featuring the Nuclear Jammer Canceller, this MS is powered by a nuclear generator, providing the MS with unlimited Phase Shift ability. Handed over to Kira Yamato by ZAFT’s Lacus Clyne, Kira would use this Gundam to fight evil from both ZAFT and OMNI.

2nd Runners-up: Gundam Mk II: (Gundam Zeta) the first Gundam developed by the notorious Titans in its military build-up, Gundam Mk II resembles closely to its predecessor, the original Gundam while featuring many new improvements. Gundam Mk II is later hijacked by AEUG, in a series of sorties to end the Titans’ grip on humanity.

4th Place: Wing Gundam: (Gundam Wing) originally, this Gundam was built to destroy Earth among with four other Gundams in a secret plan named Operation Meteor. However, the developer of this Gundam handed it to a teenager named Heero Yuy, who would use this Gundam in the name of justice, and to help the innocents.

5th Place: Zeta Gundam: (Gundam Zeta) the first transformable Gundam in the UC history, Zeta Gundam becomes the flag MS of AEUG against the Titans. The MA mode, called Waverider, not only features added mobility and speed, but becomes capable of atmospheric re-entry as well. The design of Zeta Gundam would serve as the blue-print for other MS, such as Gundam ZZ, Zeta Plus, and ReGZ.

6th Place: Strike Gundam: (Gundam SEED) after being overwhelmed by ZAFT’s GINN in terms of MS mobility and sheer power, the OMNI responded by developing five secret Gundam-type MS. Four Gundams were hijacked before seeing action, while the last one, GAT-X105 Strike Gundam was used by a young boy named Kira Yamato, who was forced to join the military to save his friends. After Kira upgrades to Freedom Gundam, Strike is handed to ace pilot Mwu La Fllaga.

7th Place: Others: all other Gundams not mentioned in this poll. Many people responded in the message box once asking about Gundam Wing Ver. Ka and some other Gundams. Those votes are counted as ‘Others’.

8th Place: GP01 and GP01fb: (UC0083: Stardust Memory) Prototype Gundams developed by a private company Anaheim Electronics contracted by the Earth Federation after the One Year War. Another unit, GP02A was hijacked by Zeon remnant Anavel Gato when the Gundams were sent to Australia for field test. In pursuit, rookie pilot Kou Uraki boarded GP01 and begins the endless chase. GP01fb, the ‘Full Vernien’, is the upgraded version of GP01fb, specialized in space combat.

9th Place: Gundam ZZ: (ZZ Gundam) developed for AEUG by Anaheim Eletronics, Gundam ZZ features one of the most complex transformation process of all MSs in the UC timeline. With the ability to split into three components, as well as to dock all three of them to form either the MS mode or a huge MA mode called ‘G-Fortree’, Gundam ZZ’s design surpasses all other MS during its time.

All images are from By the way, I'm starting another poll, just for the fun of it. This time it's about non-Gundam MS from various series. So start voting!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Upcoming Gundam Merchandises

Here are some pictures on the upcoming Gundam Merchandises from The Gundam Base. Side 1:

MG F91
MG F91 – the model everyone is talking about is finally out. Looks pretty impressive to me. The base with the MA Rafflesia design is included, which means that future model releases will have more and more sophisticated display bases included as well. But most importantly, the inner frame design is close to a PG version. Does this means that Bandai is halting the PG line? Let’s hope not!

HGUC Powered GM
HGUC Powered GM - an improved version of GM that appears in the first two episodes of UC0083: Stardust Memory. The mecha design is really impressive, even for a HGUC model.

MG Ball (Shark Mouth marking version)
MG Ball (Shark Mouth marking version) - from MS IgLoo Episode 3 where Zudah made its debut. This is just a revised release of the previous MG Ball Ver. Ka, with an additional shark mouth marking in front, as seen in the 3D anime.

HCM Pro ReGZ – the REfined Gundam Zeta gets its HCM Pro treatment, after Quess Paraya’s Jagd Doga and Sazabi from Char’s Counter Attack were released not long ago.

HG 1-144 Slaughter Dagger
HG 1-144 Slaughter Dagger – have no idea where this guy appears in the SEED or SEED Destiny or any of its side story, but it’s basically a 105 Dagger + Gun Barrel kit combined with the Aile Strike pack from Strike Gundam in a different color. Sneaky Bandai.

HCM Pro Char’s Gelgoog
HCM Pro Char’s Gelgoog – with this release, ace pilot Char Aznable will only have MSN-02 Zeong to go before having all his MS released in HCM Pro format. Really famous guy, isn’t he?

On a separate note, Gunota Headlines reported that three models confirmed for release in September include MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Ka, HGUC Gundam Hazel II and HG GINN Type Insurgent, all which I have zero knowledge about. MG Crossbone Gundam was in my anticipation since the release of the SD version quite a long time ago. With the success of the development on MG F91 mentioned above, models of smaller sizes can be produced while the details and articulation are enhanced. So, you can expect models from V Gundam, Gundam X and so on to be released pretty soon as well.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blah about My KL Trip

I finally moved my lazy butts a bit to update my Blog. Just finished the few reviews on my KL trip from Saturday, July 8th till Thursday, July 13th, which was a week ago. Sorry for the late postings guys -_-++ but the photos need a bit of formatting, blah blah, sound like excuses more than reasons. Anyway, you can disregard the links you see in the 'Previous Posts' section, please use the links here so that you can read the postings in order:

1. MU Plane for a Liverpool fan
2. World Cup Final in Bukit Bintang
3. Food
4. Gundam and Coolsome Stuff
5. Twin Towers and KL Tower
6. Genting
7. Some Cool Stuffs I saw

So, life's back to normal once more, and so is my blog about Gundam as well. The PLAMO review on MG Aile Strike will be up soon, as well as the review on the anime Gundam F91 I watched recently.

KL Trip: Some cool stuffs I saw

Here are some of the cool stuffs I saw in KL. Some are quite interesting, available only in KL, or maybe it's just me being 'sakai' (unfamiliar of many common things perceived by most people). Anyway, I will just let the photos tell the story.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Really beautiful and delicate handicrafts made from strings on the road side in Bukit Bintang

Star War miniatures in Time Square. R2-D2 seemed really cute in the model.

He is the Malaysian Idol host, in a futsal game in One Utama. I don't know the name, and don't really care anyway. But the girl next to him was really cute ^o^

Too bad Mr. Windows Defender can't defend himself from vandalism (taken in Low Yat Plaza)

And here's the Zorro look. Muahahaha~~

23-hour restaurant? Do they have 1 hour lunch break?

No wonder I felt lucky and energetic that day

Super-duper parking skill shown near Starhill. It was a Proton Perdana with about 1cm distance away from the stone barrier. Cool!

Met Harrison Ford... ...'s palm print in Planet Hollywood, Starhill

Nice car :-D

Somehow I don't feel discriminated at all for not being allowed to sit there.

KL Trip: Genting

This is the first time for me in Genting. Thanks to my friend Alan, I had quite a lot of fun in Genting, not just the Theme Park, but the cool environment on Genting is awesome, definitely an eye-opener for me. Like Alan said once, "when you get to Genting, you would be wondering how the mountain top can be transformed into Genting as we see it today." Really amazing, not only the facilities are world-class, you can almost find anything up there (except traffic congestion I guess).

Anyway, the stay in Genting was quite short, about one and a half day I supposed. The first day was spent screaming like a sissy girl in the Theme Park, and the second day was spent day-dreaming here-and-there because of the lack of sleep the night before. Then it was sayonara time to KL, as all of us were heading back to home-sweet-home. However, the trip to Genting was really fun, and I’m already looking forward to go there again, given the chance.

First World Hotel, where we stayed in for the trip, has 6,300 rooms available for booking - largest hotel in the world!

The Gundam models I bought went to Genting together with its new owner as well. Hehe!

Genting's model on display in the Visitors' Gallery

Misty and cold on Genting, yet it was 2pm at that time!

Your ID tag in Genting's Theme Park. Lost this and you'll get a free ride in the Roller Coaster without any safety handler (just kidding!)

A bit dizzy, but quite fun

Only I went for this one - Space Shot. I thought I lost my butt when the thing came down, and screamed louder than girl until it was finally over in about 20 seconds~ :-)

My friend, Kwang Houg went into trouble with the dinasour when his arm was between the beast's jaw (although he looked quite happy to the idea of leaving his arm back in Genting)...

...and I delivered a low-blow to save him :-D

The lone pianist in one of the casinos in Genting. Oops! I forgot taking pictures in the casinos is prohibited

Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibition. In this case, NO! :-D

Some bug sample displayed in the Visitors' Gallery. There were some more actually

Went for the premier of the movie at 1:45am (13 July), apparently not many people watch movie on Genting, we managed to get the ticket a few hours before the show!

Outside Starbuck after the movie at around 4am. Cold like a freezer!

Watched a bit of Dexter while waiting of our car to LCCT KL - last piece of the Genting trip memory

KL Trip: Twin Towers and KL Tower

Two of the must-go places in KL are the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. The earlier was the world's tallest building (or buildings) at one time but was overtaken by Taiwan and Shanghai. I've been to the Twin Towers before, so the excitement was going to KL Tower. Really cool, especially going into the elevator, you'll get the same discomfort of boarding an airplane when the elevator send you up the massive tower, and at the top, plenty of sight-seeing of the entire landscape of KL. Really cool. Admission fee is RM10 for Malaysian and RM17 (not quite sure myself) for foreigner.

The Petronas Twin Towers - most beautiful when visited at night, no matter which angle the photo is taken.

But if you're using a Nokia 6600 like me, you'll have to lay down like this to take the photo (this is my friend, Albert adjusting his camera)

KL Tower as seen from distance

The lift's buttons weren't that scary on this side...

...but this side was a bit freaky

The Petronas Twin Towers seemed on par with KL Tower in this view. ???

This is how the construction of KL Tower began.