Sunday, May 31, 2009

Transformer 2 Figures from Botcon 2009

Today is the last day for Transformers Botcon 2009 held at Pasadena Convention Center in California. As the name implied, plenty of Transformers goodies and activities at the event.

Plenty of upcoming merchandises from Transformers 2 on display as well. Anticipating fans be sure to load your wallets when they start hitting the market ^^

Voyager class Megatron? The color scheme is very different from its Leader Class.

Demolisher, Starscream, Blackout Repaint? and Dead End.

Sideswipe Repaint? Arcee and Skids/Mudflap.

Optimus Prime with the chinese characters "大将" (Big General) on the left knee

New version of Scorponok under planning as well.

All images from TFW2005.

Deformover Daizengar, ES Gokin GoShogun & Jeeg

A review on the just released Deformover Daizengar on Gamu-Toys.

Awesome metallic paint scheme is very awesome indeed, but the hollow upper arm spoils the overall appearance a bit ^^;

Images from Gamu-Toys.

On the other hand, more images of ES Gokin GoShogun ((戦国魔神ゴーショーグン) and Steel God Jeeg (鋼鉄神ジーグ). Although both Deformover and ES Gokin series are action figures of deformed robot characters, they are from different companies actually - Deformover is from Megahouse; ES Gokin is from Artstorm.

ES Gokin GoShogun - September release, 7,800 Yen (inclusive of tax).

ES Gokin Jeeg - September release, 7,800 Yen (inclusive of tax).

All images from Hobby Stock.

Deformover Daizengar & Aussenseiter Now Available

The first two releases from Megahouse's Deformover series are now out in the market, according to Moeyo.

Daizengar - 5,775 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Aussenseiter - 6,825 Yen (inclusive of tax).

On the other hand, quite an old news already: the release of 1/100 Astray Gold Frame and Keroro Gunsou Plamo Collection Musha Viper Robo:

Their official release date was two days ago (May 29th).

Another review on 1/100 Astray Gold Frame can be found on Hobby no Toriko.

Robot Damashii [Side MS] O Gundam was out yesterday:

Another review of this Robot Damashii figure can be found on Toysdaily.

Images are from Moeyo: Link 1 (1/100 Astray Gold Frame) and Link 2 (Robot Damashii O Gundam).