Monday, April 30, 2007

New Crew Members

I just got my HGUC Gaplant TR-5 [Hrairoo] and Zudah from Gilbert, plus another few more acquisitions last Friday. Considering the interest level I have in Gunpla, one have to be surprised that these are actually the first few models I bought since last year. Quite a long wait, but no regret nonetheless, since the prices from Gilbert are the lowest I know here in Kuching.

First business deal with Gilbert :-D MG Gundam Ver. One Year War, HGUC Advanced Hazel, two Action Display Stand, and a set of Gundam SEED markers for lazy Gunpla modeler like me.

All my models are now sitting peacefully and quietly (at least I think so~) on the shelves to gather some dust before I actually have the time to assemble them, which is... in the unknown future :-P

Gundam UC0079 Side Story: War in a Room :-D

I'll get my MG Strike Noir this week as well. Muahaha~

Friday, April 27, 2007

HGUC Ground Type Gundam & SD Blue Duel

Clear photos of the upcoming HGUC Ground Type Gundam RX-79[G] and SD Blue Duel from The Gundam Base Side 1. Also available are more images of EMSiA Strike Noir from HappiNet Online.

HGUC Ground Type Gundam - one thing for sure, most of the parts for this kit are from HGUC Blue Destiny released not long ago. However, this kit definitely has more trick up its sleeves: the load-and-assemble cannon, the carrier backpack for the cannon, and it seems that Bandai is throwing in a newly designed display base as well. Not sure about that, I'll have to check about it again. Strange, isn't it? Blue Destiny is a space-use MS, but no display stand is given, while this Ground Type Gundam can only make short distance jumps like Zaku II, but a display stand is included.

On the other hand, I don't see any beam rifle from any of the photos on the website. Is it not included?

SD Blue Duel - the extra armors seem really bulky~ For me, it only looks good standing still :-(

EMSiA Strike Noir - Like the MG version, I don't think there will be any display stand given for this figure, and it's unclear whether it is compatible with the Action Display Stand or not.

Clear House

I just cleared off many of the Gunpla boxes in my room yesterday, as the last resort to solve my 'box problem'. The boxes are flattened and I only keep the box cover. The rest will be contributing more toilet rolls for my house when the recycle van comes this Sunday.

How many models can you recognize from this pile of empty boxes?

All the extra parts are gathered into another box. It's quite amazing seeing all the beam sabers of different sizes, scales, colors and lengths being put together.

Quite a headache, and not to mention heartache as well, cutting down the boxes. All of them have being with me since the first day I started collecting Gunpla, and they actually traveled many kilometers from my old home in the suburb of Matang, when I moved in 2005, to the City Center where I'm living right now. However, the boxes will have to go to make way for more Gunpla coming soon. I guess I will have to be satisfied with just having the cover arts with me now, rather than all the boxes.

Top of the bookshelves, before and after~

Under the table, before and after~

I don't think I will keep the toilet rolls though :-)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

GFF Psycho Gundam and HCM-Pro Evangelion Unit 1

A bit of updates from yesterday's entry, two more products being appended to the upcoming product list from Gunota Headlines, including GFF Psycho Gundam and HCM-Pro Evangelion Unit 01.

Bandai seems to be getting more and more confident with humongous figures, since not long ago we get the near Perfect-Grade-sized HCM-Pro Destroy Gundam. And now, we are going to see GFF Psycho Gundam in 1-144 scale. The overall height of this monster will be close to HCM-Pro Destroy, since Psycho Gundam doesn't have the huge 'turtle shell' to add to the back. I'm sure it'll be able to transform as well, but whether it has convertible parts for another figure will be questionable. Maybe it will be Psycho Gundam/Psycho Gundam Mk. II?

Another update is HCM-Pro Evangelion Unit 01. For those who eat and sleep Gundam only, Evangelion is not from any Gundam anime. It has its own anime series, of the same name of course. I never watched it before but I heard it's quite bloody and gory. In terms of merchandises, Bandai did produce a whole array of models from that series several years back. The most recent product of the Evangelion series are the Revoltech action figures from Kaiyado.

Well, not sure about you, but I smell some smoke of upcoming battle between Bandai and Kaiyado to take over the small-scale action figure market. Since the HCM-Pro line is cutting into mechas from non-Gundam series, maybe we will see some other figures from Kaiyado being made (or converted I would say) into the HCM-Pro line.

Other updates include pictures of previously mentioned products from Hobbynet:
HCM-Pro Zaku II Type JC - not exactly like what I had in mind when I mentioned about it in the previous posting - the shield on the right arm is gone, and a few drums of Zaku machines gun cartridge are added.

HCM-Pro Akatsuki Full Set - seems like there will be effect parts from the Dragoon~

Also, from the SEED Destiny series, EMSiA Strike Noir - usually MS will go through the MSiA line first before being upgraded to have an extra 'E' in front. Strike Noir is jumping the line :-) But most probably fans will demand for better articulation and playability for Strike Noir which is really active and cool in the anime (even though he's the bad guy), so being released directed as an EMSiA figure not surprising actually.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Teasing before MG 1-100

A new announcement of upcoming Gundam models and figures from Gunota Headlines.

Bandai is heightens everyone’s curiosity by announcing MG Gundam Ver. OYW - TV color version, which will come out in July. It has being officially labeled NOT as MG 100.

So, it seems that MG 100 is not going to be Gundam RX-78-2 then, since the TV color version is being announced. Imagine how boring it would be if we have two RX-78-2s coming out one after the other. I wonder what is the feeling of those who cast their votes for RX-78-2 in the MG competition. Must be like an April Fool joke being played on them :-) But there is still ample time for thinking about another MS to vote for though.

The TV version will be of brighter color, as seen in MG Gundam Ver. 1.5. I'm sure a new set of decals will be designed to suit this new model as well. Images from HLJ - MG Gundam Ver. 1.5 and Ver. OYW

Also, nice prediction by Danny Choo, Musha Gundam is going to come out as a GFF release. It will be able to convert between a normal Musha Gundam and the on wearing tons of armor mounting all sorts of armaments. Can’t wait to see that, even though the release date is at the moment still unclear.

Other releases include HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 1 (1,575 yen), HCM-Pro Zaku II type JC (2,100 yen), HCM-Pro Akatsuki full set (5,460 yen). Except for HCM-Pro Zaku II type JC which will be released in June, the other two will come out in July. Zaku II JC is a variation of the Ground Type Zaku II (MS-06J), which recently enjoyed its Ver. 2.0 MG treatment. You can see its action in the 08th MS Team.

Zaku II Type JC has three spikes on its shoulder shield, and the color for the conductive pipes is different as well. Image from HLJ - HG 1-144 Zaku II

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Gunpla Collection

Amidst all the assignments I’m choking through, the only mean of leisure seems to be viewing other people’s blogs while updating mine. I’m not updating as frequently as last week, since last week was like a pause before the plunder, and the silence before the storm ready to crash on my friends and I this week. Although this week is the mid-semester break for my university, it’s not exactly the good time to go for vacation or stay at home dreaming for lottery number, because by next Monday morning, one will wake up and smell his/her own a** burning with all the assignment due dates. Wuhhuh~

Just today, the final year project of my MA study has been granted the green light, so there is plenty of work ahead of my gang. At least I should be glad that we are able to proceed at this stage, some more delay will probably push us to madness with just another seven weeks before everything must be completed.

Anyway, this blog entry is not exactly about my assignments. The prologue above is just bits of my rants to readers of my blog who can’t respond real-time:-) Tell another student in Swinburne that you are busy with your assignment, and you’ll be flooded with ten fold back from him/her. Not the best of consolation session to have at all.

Right now, my MG GM (a palindrome! o_O) is enjoying some fresh air out of the crowded shelves

A friend of mine asked me this question after reading the last entry, "So, just how many Gunpla you have in total?" I could only say around 120 back then, since I was not sure of the exact number myself. I used to keep a list of all the purchases I made, so don’t think that I actually went and counted all the Gunplas or boxes to find out the answer. You think I’m so free now is it? Blah blah blah… … (Please refer to first and second paragraph of this entry)

Here're the list mentioned. Hell, I'm going to need a new sheet to continue~

So, the magic number is 120, which is actually inclusive of two non-Gunpla models.

120 models in 10 years~ Quite a long way actually.

When I started to collect Gundam models back in 1997, many of my friends couldn’t believe that I would actually spent so much on this interest of mine. It was fine when they went about with, "Wah~ so expensive ah~" or something like that. Sometimes I got frustrated with people who said that I’m wasting my pocket money on "toys that should have been left in my childhood". For them, the idea of collecting Gunpla as a common interest in Japan, even in West Malaysia was as absurd as the universe of Gundam itself, no matter how logical the story could be for sci-fi fans.

"Why not go for reading leh? Can gain knowledge bah~"

Well, buddy, if reading as an interest is only for books which can give you knowledge, then the only solution for you is the Encyclopedia boh~

If you are happy with your interest, and it makes you feel good, then why must you find a justification for it?

Of course all that was back then. There are still people who say nasty stuff about Gunpla, but at least there are friends around me who know better. Some of them even pick up the interest because of me. Hehe~ Anyway, I’m spreading no Gospel about Gunpla. They must like it because they really like it. So, I’m not to be credited nor blamed at all.

Also, there are more and more stores selling Gunpla now, I mean genuine stuff from Bandai, not 'Bendi' or '1-144 Scale'. In 1997, there are only four places that sell Gunpla in Kuching, all of them in famous shopping complexes in the city center. I used to backpack around those places to buy the models I like. The selection was really poor. Before the set-up of A Discovery in Sarawak Plaza (not in business anymore), the only models available are HG 1-144 Gundam Wing series, a few Macross models, and many Zoids kits.

Master Grade? What Master Grade? Never heard of such thing until 1999.

Prices are becoming more and more competitive of course. Some people asked me if I regretted buying so many models at such high prices in the past. Well, can’t say I am happy, but I didn’t foresee the rise of Gunpla in Kuching back then. My interest would most likely died off after a while if I kept holding my wallet back in the past.

I’m hoping to see more Gunpla in Kuching in the future, and hopefully I can see shelves and shelves of Gunpla on display outside the shops too. For now, please lah~ I really don’t want to walk into a shop filled with models of Strike, Freedom or Impulse Gundam anymore. For shop owners in Kuching, there are hell lot of coolsome models other than the SEED and SEED Destiny series, and there are fans (like me) who love to buy them.

Some facts about my Gunpla collection which you might like to know:
1. The 120 models I have consist of 3 PGs, 33 MGs, 67 HGs (18 HGUCs, 9 HG 1-100 scale kits, 39 HG 1-144 scale kits and 1 HG other scale kit), 2 FGs (First Grade), 11 SDs and 4 other plastic models.

Here's an easy way for people who are afraid of numbers. Had some fun on my first touch of Microsoft Excel after two years. Muahahaha~

2. The four models categorized as "Others" on my list are 1-48 Akatuki Custom from Martian Successor Nadesico, one Zoid Lizard model (can’t remember the name), a 1-400 kit of Big-Wig (Hi-Zack plus Mega Launcher) from Dengeki Magazine and the simple assembly Gundam collection series 1-144 Astray Red Frame.
3. The first Gunpla I bought is 1-144 Gundam Epyon from Wing
4. The latest Gunpla bought is SD Titans’ Gundam Mk. II last year
5. First MG is AEUG’s Gundam Mk.II and the first PG is Titans’ Gundam Mk. II (what a match!)
6. Complete MG series of the four Gundams from UC0083: Stardust Memory; GP01, GP01Fb, GP02A and GP03S
7. I have the complete five Gundams in 1-144 scale: Wing Zero, Sandrock, Deathscythe Hell, Heavyarms and Altron Gundam
8. Complete series of G-Unit, a side-story of Wing Gundam in manga. Five Gundams: Geminass 01, Aesculapius, L.O. Booster, Griepe and Hydra

1-144 Gundam Geminass 01 is one of the earlier Gunpla in my collection

9. One kit is not available to complete the five Gundams (1-144 scale) from the Endless Waltz OVA, which is Altron Gundam, which I have in 1-100 scale
10. One kit away from completing the MG G Gundam series: Gundam Spiegel
11. One PG kit away from completing the Gundam RX-78-2 family (PG-MG-HG-SD)
12. One MG kit away from completing the Titans’ Gundam Mk. II family (PG-MG-HG-SD)

All in all, I have 6 Gundam Mk. II of different scales and series in my collection. Sorry for the key chain figure, but the little guy is not counted

13. Have both MG AEUG’s Gundam Mk. II (Ver. 1.0) and Super Gundam, which uses the same kit of the Gundam (exactly the same)
14. Have both MG ZZ Gundam and the Full Armor version
15. Have both MG S Gundam and Ex-S Gundam

The giants occupied the top level of the display shelves. S Gundam (left) will get his Action Display Stand soon

16. Have SD, HG 1-144 scale, and MG version of Norris Package’s Gouf Custom

Gouf Custom, as coolsome as coolsome can be~

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gallery 2

High Grade 1-100 Scale

Chaos Gundam
SEED Series 1-100 Scale

High Grade 1-144 Scale

Gouf Flight Type
Aegis Gundam
HG 1-144 Scale Random Shots

High Grade Others

No gallery at the moment ^^;


Leader Class Optimus Prime
SD Random Shots

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Think Out of the Box(es)

The Gunpla models I ordered from Gilbert are scheduled to arrive next week. That's a really good news, but when I look at all the boxes of models I have currently, an immediate headache is really unavoidable...

Gundam boxes on top of my bookshelf

Another two on top of the cupboard where I put most of my Gundam models on display, which is overpopulated at the moment

Gundam boxes on top of another bookshelf of mine, while PG Zeta is on top of my wardrobe

This is officially the 10th year since I started collecting Gundam models. I loves the content, but all the box arts are really coolsome as well. So there's no way I'm going to sent the boxes to be recycled. Most of them just stay on top of my drawer, cupboard, and bookshelves to gather dust. Wuhhuh~

But again, all those boxes are impeding new ones to come in :-( and stacking them till they touch the ceiling is really no a good way out.

Under the table? Full house too

Three boxes containing some other Gunpla boxes not seen above...

...which contain other small boxes of other Gunpla models!

How leh, like this?

Friday, April 13, 2007

PG Jadg Doga Conversion Kit

From G System, the creator of 1-35 Ex-S Gundam comes a PG conversion kit for Jadg Doga from Char's Counterattack. The PG kit used is Zaku II, but for a MS like Jadg Doga, which is much bigger in proportion as compared to Zaku II, the completed kit of Jadg Doga will be in 1-72 scale instead of 1-60 for PG kits. Initially, when I first blog about the release of this conversion kit last November, the announced release date is February this year. However, the delay is well compensated with this lovely kit.

Like all previous models and resin kits produced by G System, Jadg Doga is extremely gorgeous, even though I don't really like the color matching between green and gold. The details of the kit, however, are really well designed. Actually, the idea of converting PG Zaku into Jadg Doga is surprising enough, since they come from two different worlds, but from the still shots below, it seems that they actually can blend into each other. I suspect 60% of the PG kits will not be used though~

This green version belongs to Gyunei, whom I don't like throughout the whole anime at all. The website announced that the pink/red version belonging to Quess Paraya will be released soon. I don't really like Quess as well, since she is really weird character in the anime, but at least pink/red looks better than green/gold :-P Even though the design of the MSs are the same, Quess Paraya's version features a beam gatling, which I'm sure is what G System is working on right now, and is why both kits can't be released at the same time.

I'm poor at painting, and $315 for a conversion kit is really something at the bottom of my wish list. I'm hoping that Bandai would give us the MG version of Jadg Doga, or Geara Doga, which happens to be one of my favorites from the anime as well. They might not be as hot-selling as Gundams, but their coolsome mecha design definitely deserves the MG treatment.

All images are from G System.