Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beltorchika Irma in Gundam Unicorn?

Seems like Gundam Unicorn is not just gathering many MSs from previous series, but character as well. Beltorchika Irma, the girl who was obsessed with Amuro Ray in Zeta Gundam makes a comeback in Gundam Unicorn.

I wonder what role she will have in this increasingly complex series.

Also, some all-too familiar MSs in the series other than Galluss-K mentioned last week:

GM II and Nemo Desert Color Ver. (Z), Dowadge, Zaku Mariner (ZZ), Dom Tropen (UC0083) and Zaku Sniper Type (One Year War), it's like a reunion of grunt units across series. Can their strengths can specs match each others' in combat?

Scans are from Gundam Ace November issue, from CyberGundam's Blog.

Gundam 00 2nd Season The Gundams & Others

Looks like there will be more gashapon sets that are going to be release for Gundam 00 Season 2. One of them is "The Gundams", coming really soon now.

Each figure is about 8cm tall. All four + one secret types. 10 figures are included in each box. October release, 315 Yen per figure, 3,150 Yen per set (inclusive of tax). Each figure comes with a candy or sort. So you can say the Gundam is the prize item for purchasing the candy.

Or maybe it's the other way round now? XD

Images from Amiami.

Other gashapon series to be coming soon:

(1) Gundam 00 Action Models - Looks like Gunpla eh? But way more simple and less detailed. Seems like a unofficial 'compensation' for those fans who miss the canceled FG line of Gundam 00. ^^

Each figure is about 9.5cm tall, also comes with a candy as well. All four plus secret types. December release, 473 Yen per set (inclusive of tax).

(2) SD Gundam Impact - Inclusive of other MSs as well. To assemble all the four Gundams from 00 Season 2, you'll need to get both Vol. 1 and 2.

Vol. 1 - November release (more info and images please refer to this previous posting), Vol. 2 - December release (more info and images please refer to this previous posting).

Seven types in each set. 3cm tall, and is 100 Yen each.

(3) Gundam Ultimate Solid - 7cm tall. November release, 400 Yen. Include all MSs as well, more info and images please refer to this previous posting).

(3) HGIF Gundam 00 Characters B-Side - Not exactly for 00 Season 2 actually, but it's a very important announcement for fans of Neena, Sumeragi and others definitely XD

Each figure is about 11cm tall. All four types. Late October release, 300 Yen per figure.

I'll include updates on other Gundam merchandises here as well:

MS-06M Zaku Marine Conversion Kit for MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0

Image from Hobby Search.

That means Zaku Marine isn't as lucky as Zaku Cannon in getting a regular MG release. Late November release, 18,690 Yen.

HGUC Geara Doga - Looking sharper and more solid by each update eh? ^^ Definitely more 'fierce' than Zaku II FZ released some time ago for an Zeon HGUC grunt unit.

Click for larger view.

November release, 1,890 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Robot Damashii Gundam Double O

00 - Late October release, 2,625 Yen (inclusive of tax).
Cherudim - Late October release, 2,625 Yen (inclusive of tax).
Arios - Late November release, 2,940 Yen (inclusive of tax).
Selavee - Release date and price TBA

BB Senshi Gundam 00

Comes with that socket on his back as well. Some tricks prepared for this BB Senshi Gundam Double O line as well? ^^;

November release, 630 Yen (inclusive of tax).

BB Senshi Sangokuden Shuuyu Hyaku Shiki, Shusou Doven Wolf

A bit of painting ahead for Shuuyu's catapult unit, but I'm glad that it doesn't come entirely in blank instead. Highly anticipating Shusou's massive axes ^^

Shuuyu Hyaku Shiki - October release, 630 Yen (inclusive of tax).
Shusou Doven Wolf - November release, 630 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Gundam Heroines History Resting Fighters

Each figure is about 12cm tall. There are five characters in total, but each set will contain eight instead. Late November release, 5,880 Yen (with tax).

More images in this previous posting.

Gundam Collection DX7

Available now. All six types. 336 Yen each.

S.H.Figuarts Domon Kasshu - Hot-blooded fans take note XD

15cm tall, Late September release, 2,625 Yen (with tax).

No news on S.H.Figuarts Master Asia yet.

Megatrea Shop Limited Lacus Clyne - About 30cm tall. You'll have to preorder through authorized dealers to get her, and there are only 500 to be produced. ^^; November release. 15,000 yen (inclusive of tax and shipping charge).

Cagalli coming soon ^^

Magazine scans are from Hobby Japan and Model Graphix November issue.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New MG Unicorn Coming?

The variation of MG Unicorn, a dark version under development?

It's that dark Unicorn shown some time ago.
A bit too fast eh, Bandai? or maybe not. ^^;

Time to go to work ^^;

Image and information from SRW Hotnews.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2 Latest Trailer

Some new stuff popping out in this latest trailer! ^^

Video clip from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

MG S Gundam from G System Shop

Resin kit for MG S Gundam from G System Shop. A separate MG S Gundam is required. More than 100 resin parts, plus aluminum alloy parts, clear parts, decal, etching parts and others, all to upgrade the appearance of your S Gundam. The transformation of S Gundam is not affected, as it's using the same inner frame from the original MG.

Heavy paint job ahead, definitely not for me ^^;

Most of the armor pieces are from the resin kit.

Some of the mecha parts behind the legs are new as well.

The Tail Stabilizer has been upgraded to look really awesome ^^

To be available in early October, the price is US$221.

All images from G System Shop.

Custom Hand Unit for Your Plamos, Again

Back in July, Kotobukiya announced the release of a custom hand set targeted for 1/144 plamos:

Normal Hand Unit A - Joints of two different diameters are included for each: 3mm and 3.7mm.

Custom Hand Unit A - Joints of two different diameters are included for each: 3mm and 4.4mm.

(Click for larger view)
To be available in November. 525 Yen per set (inclusive of tax).

The company just upgraded their size as Part B, where the design is pretty much the same as Part A, but is intended for 1/100 plamos.

Normal Hand Unit B - Joints of two different diameters are included for each: 4.2mm and 5mm.

Custom Hand Unit B - Joints of two different diameters are included for each: 4.2mm and 5mm.

(Click for larger view)
To be available in January 2009. 630 Yen per set (inclusive of tax).

Doesn't look like the usual hand unit of MGs, but the price is definitely a lot lower than the offerings from B-Club. Both set A and B are good choice if you're thinking of getting extra pairs of hand unit to substitute the current ones on your plamo.

Images from Kotobukiya's Product Release page.

Also, HMM 1/72 Shield Liger Mk. II (first released back in March) is scheduled to be reissued.

November release, 5,040 Yen.

Image and information from Amiami.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

MG Infinite Justice & HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam

Large new images of these two upcoming Gunpla. Click for larger view.

MG Infinite Justice

Unlike Strike Freedom, Destiny and Force Impulse, the only 1/100 figure included for this MG is Athrun. Not really a big deal for me, since I'm not skillful enough to do any micro painting for these mini figures, but I kind-of hope that Lacus in pilot suit would be included as well, since it was her who brought this Gundam to Athrun in SEED Destiny, and it was the only time we get to see Lacus in pilot suit as well XD

Won't be too long now. ^^

HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam

Excuse me for being a super slowpoke: i just realized that the red 'cap' on Cherudim's V-Fin can be opened to reveal the all very familiar sniper camera beneath it. Simple yet very cool design ^^

You can see from one of two of the images that the same hinge found on the armor plate of Cherudim's left shoulder can also be found on the plates of its rear skirt armor, as well as the ones for its knees. Now we are quite certain that the design of these plates are identical for this Gunpla. The question is, are they merely backup units, or are they to serve some special secretive purpose ;D

All images are from Infinity Wonderland.