Friday, November 30, 2007

New Revoltech Figures

Redesigned Revoltech figures of Ingram Unit 1 and 2 from Kaiyado. Not merely a change in color *cough* Astray Green Frame Gunplas *cough*, these action figures feature new joints for greater articulation.

I'm not really into the Revoltech series (actually I should say I have too many unfulfilled items on Gunpla wish list ^^;) so how much difference these new Patlabors have as compared to their previous release are unknown to me, but I bet Revoltech fans would have the idea.

Ingram Unit 1

Ingram Unit 2 - not listed on HLJ. Not sure if this is a limited edition figure.

The next entry into the Revoltech series is Tetsujin 28:

The fingers move!

All these Revoltech figures will be available next January at 1,900 Yen each.

On the other hand, some hot news on upcoming Revoltech figures in May next year:

Aqua Type Griffon

G1 Rodimus Prime! Cool!!

G1 Strascream! Super-duper cool!!

The extremely hot-blooded Gurren Lagann ^^ I'm sure he will sell like hot cakes once released.

1/60 Gundam Exia at Hobby Search EDITED

Folks who are interested in Gundam Exia, or whose with hands itching for some gigantic Gunpla beware: 1/60 scale Gundam Exia is now available at Hobby Search. You can have a look at the content and construction manual of this model to make up your mind.

All images from Hobby Search.

The background of the box cover seems to be a combat scene in space, even though we haven't seen Exia in space yet.

The action poses are possible since the HG 1/144 scale.

Something new for this big-scale Exia: pilot cockpit with Setsuna.

A new method to assemble the hands, but the shoulder armors are molded together with the arm, and the type of elbow joint used for this Exia doesn't seem to be as flexible as the 1/100 scale version.

The shoe is molded in one piece! Oh dear, why can't Bandai separate it into heel and forefoot as with the 1/100 scale version.

Some stickers are still needed, for example for the front skirt armors.

The shield portion of the GN Sword needs some serious painting (should be in gray, same as the 1/100 1/100 scale version). No improvement ^^;

Part-swapping for the mount racks of the GN Blades.

EDITED: Box art of HG 1/144 Gundam Virtue spotted on
Hong Kong Model League:


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Limited Gundam Stuff Here and There

A bit of 'distressing' news from Gunota Headlines:

Advertised on Gundam Ace, Kadokawa is set to release a limited edition version of Gundam Unicorn Volume 4. The limited edition novel version will come with Beam Gatling Gun, which can be attached to the upcoming MG Unicorn Gundam ver Ka. The limited edition verion comes out on April 26, 2008 priced at 1260 yen.

Wow! That's really unfair for fans in Malaysia. The opportunity for us to get this exclusive prize is very thin, and I suppose it's no chance at all for people like me who live on the East side of the country. Also, since the novel is in Japanese, it's not really worth it for people who like Gundam Unicorn but is illiterate to Japanese.

I'm starting to hate this kind of limited edition stuff >_<

"Who needs a new Gatling? Gundam Unicorn can borrow mine if he wants."

Speaking of limited edition stuff, here's another one: Limited GFF Metal Composite Casval's Gundam RX-78-2.

GFFCasvalGundam01_s GFFCasvalGundam01_s
GFFCasvalGundam01_s GFFCasvalGundam01_s
End of January 2008 release, 8,190 Yen.
Images from Amiami.

Gundam Fan Arts

When I was a kid and live in the era of Transformers (no choice, Malaysian TV didn't air Gundam anime back then), I love to sketch new designs of Transformers and imagine how they transform. I looked at the different vehicles that came to my father's grocery store and imagine how they might transform. During the time of the Power Rangers, I sketched new Power Rangers design and their Zoids, and of course, how they gattai (combine). After going to secondary school, this interest stopped, because I started assembling Gunpla ^^

It was pretty fun actually. As a kid, you never bother about the principle of design, feel of realism, or even Law of Physics. A robot with 10 arms? no problem; with beam cannons all over the body? no problem; more than a thousand meters in height? no problem. As a matter in fact, the more you can bluff about your robot design, the more respect you will get from your buddies. Back in those days, that's what matter most right? XD

As a Gundam fan, do you sketch your own Gundam designs? Doesn't matter if it's on paper, or being realized through modified Gunpla, do you take your childhood imagination one step further and apply it to the world of Gundam?

Right now I only do so in my mind, since my artistic level remained stationary after primary school ^^ But take a look at what others have done, you might get enough inspiration to start your imagination (again) and creativity to design your own Gundam masterpiece.

Looks like the fusion of Wing Gundam Zero Custom and Freedom Gundam.

The marking on the chest says "shadow", a disciple of Gundam Spiegel then ^^

Heavy F91 is really heavy ^^

Even though the backpack looks painfully heavy, Terror Judgment looks extremely awesome!

The same heavy backpack treatment, but this time it's on Forever Gundam.

Justice Gundam's new design, or maybe it's for Infinite Justice?

Recognize them?

A very strange-looking Zaku

My favorite of them all: Mamoru Nagano's version of Turn A Gundam. Not familiar with such design? Check out this posting and you'll get some idea.

All images are gathered from different forum threads I visited in the past, so I'm unable to verify their source

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SEED Frame Astray

A few models from SEED Frame Astray appeared in the recent Dengeki Japan 15th Anniversary Exhibition in Chiba, so today we'll have a look at a few of the mecha announced so far for this (yet another) SEED MSV series.

astrays_story_05_s astrays_story_05_s
Astray Blue Frame Third is armed with huge swords similar to that of Strike Noir, while Strike E is just Strike Noir in white, with shield.

At the moment, I only see Gundam Astray Blue Frame Third, and Hyperion G being 'new' (their principle designs are not new anymore) designs, while most of the other MSs are just color variation of their original designs, which is really quite uncreative :( Also, in a way, I feel like each of the SEED series in the past are sending their representatives to participate in this series ^^;
SEED - Cgue,
SEED MSV - Gundam Astray,
SEED Destiny - Gouf Ignited, and
SEED Stargazer - Strike E, Civilian Astray DSSD Custom, Kerberos BuCUE Hound.

Hyperion G

Rudolf's Gouf Ignited

Leon's Civilian Astray DSSD Custom

Astray Green Frame

Alec's Kerberos BuCUE Hound

Astray Blue Frame Third

Xist's CGUE

Lukas's Strike E

This sure makes Bandai to able to release the models of these mecha easier, and not to mention cost-saving as well. Except for Astray Blue Frame Third and Hyperion G, they just need to design new stickers, box cover and construction manual, and a 'new' model is out. As a result, five of the mecha mentioned above are going to get their Gunpla treatment next year: Lukas's Strike E + IWSP will be released as a MG, while the others: Rudolf's Gouf Ignited, Xist's CGUE, Alec's Kerberos BuCUE Hound, and Hyperion G will be in 1/144 HG format.

With three Gundam Double O around, can you still pick up the enthusiasm for SEED and go for these 'new' models?

Definitely not for me XD

All images from SEED Frame Astray official website.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bizarre MS Girl Design

I blogged about MG Girls and more about them previously, and all of them are kawaii to me (hence the postings XD).

But for this particular one...

Oh my goodness XD

Very creative work by the designer (Sorry I can't verify the source, I saved it from a forum thread in the past and didn't record the source), but for Dom, I prefer this girl instead.

Rick-Dom II Girl with Giant Bazooka waiting for you XD

Oh by the way, I heard some shocking news about the development on MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 coming in next year, the one that comes with G-Armor. I heard that their design will be based on this picture:

OK, just kidding :P

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mobile Suit Realized

Some time ago, the Japanese Defense Department revealed an improved suit for their soldiers, code-named 'Gundam'. It stirred up some concern from the Gundam community, since people weren't sure if it's referring to an actual mobile suit as seen in the anime. When the new 'system' is finally being shown, it looks something like this:

It's called 'Gundam' because a developer who loves Gundam (probably XD) named it so.
Image from Sankei Japan

I remembered a friend of mine said how disappointed he was at the fact, as he was hoping for Japan to unveil an 18-meter tall robot with V-fin to justify the code name given. But reality is reality. Don't forget, no matter how fancy the names can be, or how advance the technology is, they are still equipments and machines for war, so my stand is to separate our interest from what we believe in life. It's alright if you enjoy fighting scenes in anime, but in reality, war sucks.

"Exoskeleton Strength: To help carry a backpack with 70 pounds of gear, the Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton uses more than 40 sensors and hydraulic mechanisms to distribute the load." - image and description from The New York Times

Unfortunately, we are now one step closer to seeing a real mobile suit in war with the success of Sarcos' exoskeleton set for soldiers. The company will produce this equipment for the US military next year. I call it a mobile suit since the soldier wear it like a suit, and it responses agilely to the movement of the soldiers. This is to improve the overall efficiency of the soldiers, as they can perform their tasks easier with the extra strengths provided by the suit. I think this will be great for civilian work, for example at construction sites as so on. The company should seriously design the suit to cater for those who have physical disabilities too. But these exoskeleton set will always be supplied for war as mentioned above. So I guess sooner or later, we are going to see cyborgs on battle field.

Who knows, one day, they don't need soldiers to operate these suits anymore, and we'll be heading into the era of the Terminators.

Video clip from If you can't see anything, follow this link to

Non-Gunpla Gundam Merchandises

Don't blame me for the weird title above, I was having some trouble figuring out a suitable title for this posting. I was thinking of using 'Gundam Figures' instead, but two of the merchandises below really do not seem to qualify as figures ^^; Read on to find out more.

Mobile Suit in Action Exia - I think I reported about this figure quite some time ago. Anyway, while the package art seems so cool, there are some minor flaws on the real content, as you may find some paint to spill over in certain parts, especially the head. Anyway, as with all MSIA figures, the joints are sturdy, and the whole figure is made of hard plastic, so it's more durable than the Gunpla and HCM-Pro version, and I believe even for the upcoming GFF version as well. However, the articulation and the playability of this MSIA is still quite advanced as compared to the previous releases. The price is relatively low - 2,000 Yen. Very suitable for 'hardcore' toy collectors or as Christmas gift to your young cousins or nephews XD

Images from Toysdaily.

MSIA Dynames - December release, 2,500 Yen

Images from Toysdaily.

MSIA Kyrios - December release, 2,500 Yen.

Images from Toysdaily.

MSIA Virtue - December release, 3,000 Yen

Images from Toysdaily.

HCM-Pro Gundam vs. Char's Zaku II (Theatrical Edition DVD Box Sale Commemoration Set) - HCM-Pro Gundam and Char's Zaku II bundled as another release. How convenience of Bandai, but at least they did designed a nice back cover for the box. Just as the limited Gundam Real TV Color Ver., this HCM-Pro will be available between 20 November 2007 and 31 January 2008 at the price of 3,990 Yen.

Not sure if the display base is included...

The HCM-Pro Gundam is the Special Marking Ver. and the Zaku II is the new Master Marking Ver.. Their combined price (3,780 Yen) is actually lower than this special bundled package. Well, just thought you might be interested to know ^^
Image from Yahoo! Japan.

HY2M 1/12 Zaku II Real Color Version - The almighty 1.5 meter tall, 40 kg heavy Zaku II in the real color version. Release date is the same as the special HCM-Pro pack mentioned above at the price of 294,000 Yen (around RM10,290). *cough* *cough* The tax included is already 14,000 Yen.

Image from Yahoo! Japan.

HY2M 1/12 Zaku II Mastermind Japan Color Version - My eyes almost fell off when I read Gunota Headlines reported that the purchase of this huge Zaku is limited to one per customer. Wuhhuh~ who would buy more than one anyway?! especially when the price is 105,000 Yen more expensive than the Real TV color ver. mentioned above.

When I dug up some information about Mastermind Japan, I changed my mind. Mastermind Japan fans who can spend $590, or even $848 for a T Shirt should have no problem (financial) for such a high-priced Zaku. Not sure if they will line up to get in though XD

Sales of this Zaku is until 31 January - 399,000 Yen (around 13,965). Er... anyone interested?

Image from Yahoo! Japan.