Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HG 1/144 Gundam Nadleeh

A completed HG 1/144 Gundam Nadleeh by Cagalli-bi. Taste also assembled one for your viewing.

cagallibiz_nadleeh_01_s cagallibiz_nadleeh_03_s
cagallibiz_nadleeh_05_s cagallibiz_nadleeh_06_s
cagallibiz_nadleeh_08_s cagallibiz_nadleeh_09_s
cagallibiz_nadleeh_10_s cagallibiz_nadleeh_11_s

All images above are from Cagalli-bi.

coocan_nadleeh_05_s coocan_nadleeh_06_s
coocan_nadleeh_01_s coocan_nadleeh_02_s
coocan_nadleeh_03_s coocan_nadleeh_04_s

Images from Taste.

These two modelers painted various parts of their Nadleeh, so folks who are thinking of straight assembling this kit please beware.

Alternately, you can have a look at the step-by-step assembly on Gunplablog.

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 14

Pomp and Circumstance: Lightning Strike Purple Eye

Dogga Hammer!!

Continued from last week, Miyake continues to advance in trapping Kengo for his rock star dream. Having discovered Miyake's true identity, Wataru vows to protect his friend by taking on the Rhinoceros Fangire despite his defeat last week. When he is overpowered by the Fangire again, Kiva summons his Dogga form to match the brute force of his foe.

Back in 1986, Otoya starts to suffer the painful side effects of the defective Ixa system. Despite that, he tries to hide his pain from Yuri, who demands the Ixa system to be returned. At the same time, Giro wants that stolen possession of his back as well. In the fight between the two this week, the Ixa system seems to be malfunctioning (again), and Otoya is forced out of the suit. Worse, Basshaa comes to Garulu's aid, double teaming on Otoya. To be continued next week...

We finally get to see Kiva's Dogga form. ^^ It's quite obvious why the writers put the Dogga form to come out last. In this form, Kiva not only receives the Dogga Hammer, new armors are also being added to his forearms. Both his shoulder armors are changed, together with the one on his chest. In short, the Dogga form gives Kiva the most changes in comparison to Garulu and Basshaa, which makes his Henshin much more exciting to watch in my opinion.

Then again, the action we get to see from this new form this week is disappointingly limited :(

On the other hand, Keisuke is back. XD And a new weapon for Ixa is revealed as well: the Powered IXAA (name from Wikipedia) vehicle (?). How it's going to be used is undisclosed at the moment.

kiva_14_01 kiva_14_02
kiva_14_03 kiva_14_04
kiva_14_05 kiva_14_06
kiva_14_07 kiva_14_08
kiva_14_09 kiva_14_10
kiva_14_11 kiva_14_12
kiva_14_13 kiva_14_14
kiva_14_15 kiva_14_16
kiva_14_17 kiva_14_18
kiva_14_19 kiva_14_20
kiva_14_21 kiva_14_22
kiva_14_23 kiva_14_24
kiva_14_25 kiva_14_26
kiva_14_27 kiva_14_28
kiva_14_29 kiva_14_30
kiva_14_31 kiva_14_32
kiva_14_33 kiva_14_34
kiva_14_35 kiva_14_36
kiva_14_37 kiva_14_38
kiva_14_39 kiva_14_40
kiva_14_41 kiva_14_42
kiva_14_43 kiva_14_44
kiva_14_45 kiva_14_46

Preview for next week's episode: Resurrection: Checkmate Four

kiva_14_47 kiva_14_48
kiva_14_49 kiva_14_50

You can watch the this week's unsubbed episode on Veoh.