Tuesday, April 25, 2006

HGUC Zudah & Cosmic Region Infinite Justice

Coming out this June from Bandai's cookie jar is HGUC 1-144 Scale Zudah, one of the Zaku-refit mecha from MS Igloo, Bandai's 3-D version of some sidestories from UC0079, the One Year War. Looks quite neat to me, definitely better than the original Zaku 2, which was designed in the 80s. The price is around 1500 Yen.
Another great mecha to be released is Cosmic Region Infinite Justice from SEED Destiny. Should be price around 4000 Yen, similar to Strike Freedom from the same series out quite a while ago. This is not a model though, it's more like a sofisticated Gundam toy with accurate paint scheme and a lot of warning decals all over the body. Gorgoeus for display but also quite extensible for a lot of actions and play-ability.