Saturday, April 01, 2006

GFF Nobel Gundam

When I first saw GF13-050NSW Nobel Gundam for the first time a couple of years ago, I almost laughed my head off. Clearly this is an MS created out of the Japanese designers’ image about cute girls in student uniforms. To put Gundam into girls’ uniform seems to be ridiculously funny for me.

In the G Gundam series, Nobel Gundam is quite an important character actually (for those of you who think that she is merely a cheerleader for the show, she is NOT). She did participate in the Gundam Fight, and got some hidden agenda with Devil Gundam, the villain of the story. I haven’t watched the anime yet, so my knowledge on the storyline is a bit scratchy.

I thought for such a character, there is no way the model is going to look good. But the people at Bandai continue to impress me. Just have a look at the few pictures here. GFF God Gundam is actually my first posting in this blog, but I didn’t mention that Nobel Gundam is included in that kit as well, because I have no idea how it’s going to look like back then. Now I know. Amazing!Front view of GFF God Gundam & Nobel Gundam
Nobel Gundam with beam saber, look at her 'hair'Not really sure what this is, I think it's one of the scenes from the anime