Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lineart for PG 00 Gundam

Unconfirmed lineart showing the design of PG 00 Gundam:

Plenty of details as one could expect from the Perfect Grade series, but somehow the design doesn't seem too outstanding to me - its overall look is still very much following the design of the original 00 Gundam, especially the legs. I was expecting there could be some radical redesign elements as seen on PG Strike or Astray Red Frame.

Still, we haven't see the mechanical design of this PG yet. It would be great ifthe inner frame is well designed and there's a balance between the details of the armors and the frame.

Also, it seems that the Twin Drives is designed to rest on the shoulder armors? Well, that's one way to help out with carrying the wings of O Raiser ^^;

Images from Toysdaily.