Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Strike of Pellermodel

Still remember Pellermodel? ^^ Read this previous posting first for the LOL XD

But when it comes to business, Pellermodel isn't something to laugh at, at least not to Bandai. An array of Pellermodel is lining up to be released in September:

(from left) Pellermodel Basic-M (White)
Pellermodel Basic-M (Light gray)
Pellermodel Basic-M (Light green)

Pellermodel Skirt-M (White)
Pellermodel Skirt-M (Light pink)

Pellermodel Kid-M (White)
Pellermodel Kid-M (Light blue)

Also, three set of stickers are to be released at the same time as well:
- for Basic-M
- for Skirt-M
- for Kid-M

The Pellermodel set is priced at 500 Yen (inclusive of tax) each, while the sticker set is 500 Yen (inclusive of tax) each.

All images from Amiami.