Friday, November 13, 2009

Kamen Rider Accel from Kamen Rider W

Apart from Kamen Rider Double's new form shown last night, a new Kamen Rider is going to appear in "Kamen Rider W" - Kamen Rider Accel (from "Accelerator").

Obviously, his henshin device is designed after the handler bars of a motorbike, complete with an USB drive to fit the theme of "Kamen Rider W". For the rider himself, I kind of like thick body armors design, which is in red some more. ^^

This Kamen Rider must be pretty obsessed with motorbike, because without the help of Kamen Rider Decade, he can transform into a motorbike! ^^;

At least the upper part. Not sure where do the wheels and engine come from. ^^;
The goggles are going to be able to light up I suppose XD

Can combine with weapon platforms from Kamen Rider Double's arsenal as well.

A level crazier than Auto Vajin eh XD

Two new supporting accessories (?) for Kamen Rider Double are revealed as well.

Frog Bot and Bettle Bot

Images are from Toysdaily.