Friday, February 02, 2007

Hi Price GFF

It seems to me that GFF nowadys are getting more and more expensive. The metal composite Gundam Ver. Ka mentioned in the previous post is worth a PG model, and each of the next two releases are more expensive than a MS Ex-S Gundam. It either because Bandai is very confident with the market, or maybe they want to test the market at how well it can afford these kind of stuff.

On the other hand, GFF models are very beautiful. Their design, paint scheme, and markings are really well done. Most of them feature quite a lot of action-ability and posability as well, but I don't think I would take them out of the box if I buy one.

Anyway, here are the images of the two GFF mentioned from Hobbynet Online:

GP03 with simplified Dendrobium - maybe a complete Dendrobium next time? Will be out in March, 8190 Yen.

Zeonography Black Tri-Star Set - same content different name, GFF or Zeonography, we know they are of the same product line. Zaku I, High Mobility Zaku II and Dom from some of the previous Zeonography releases given the Black Tri-Star paint scheme. Another rip-off for Bandai, but really cool aren't they? Will be out in late February, 8190 Yen.