Friday, December 08, 2006

MG Strike Feedom Full Burst and Other New Items

We all know that Strike Freedom has a shiny golden interior, and we also know that Bandai isn't the kind of company that will pass the opportunity of making money out of it. So, there we have it, apart from the normal MG for Strike Freedom this month, people with extra money can go for MG Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode, which isn't just some bling-bling pretty face. The kit comes with an action display where the eight Dragoons from Strike Freedom's wings can be mounted. Not to mention each Dragoon has their little gimmick as well. The beam saber seems different as well, the ones featured here seems to have a bit of curve. Images are from The Gundam Base Side 1.

Apart from MG Strike Freedom FB, there are a few new items and updates on announced products from Hobby Shop Midori:

MG Crossbone Gundam - 4,500 Yen. We finally got to see the 'Peacock Launcher' and his new pirate sword. The armor seems wicked as well~

HGUC GM Quel - 1,200 Yen. I was wondering how long Bandai was going to hold this model from being released, since most of the parts' design can be found from their previous releases of Gundam Mk II and Gundam Hazels. 1,200 Yen seems quite an offer if the two MGs mentioned are out of your plan.

HCM Pro Hyaku Shiki Gold Coating and Qubeley Pearl Coating - 2,625 Yen and 2,310 Yen respectively. An upgrade for Hyaku Shiki, and Qubeley joins the HCM Pro train~ Can't be left out if you have all the collection for Z Gundam right?

HC BuCUE - 1,400 Yen. Quite a long haul since BuCUE is from Gundam SEED, and that must be what? two years ago? the HG version is out probably because of the previous release of HG BuCUE Kerberos. Almost the entire body can be replicated to come out with this one. Bandai is smart... ...

Gundam Collection DX6 - 294 Yen each. Normally I don't talk about capsule toy, but this one is special. Look at the size of each model! I can't believe that they are releasing S Gundam Deep Striker at 294 Yen. Other models like Hildoltr and Gundam Hazel are also in. Quite a bargain really~

Except for MG Strike Freedom Full Burst, all the other items will be out Next January.