Thursday, July 20, 2006

KL Trip: MU Plane for a Liverpool fan

We used Air Asia to get to KL, and guess what? It was the plane painted with Manchester United logo and players. Being a Liverpool fan, I didn’t enjoy the sight of the plane at all. There was a picture of Wayne Rooney celebrating a goal with Christiano Ronaldo, with Rooney on the back of Ronaldo. That was quite a sarcastic scene for all right now, as Ronaldo caused his MU team mates a red card in the World Cup days before I boarded that plane.

The air stewardess weren’t pretty as well, so I just slept through the 1-hour-45-minute journey to KL.

And the MU logo on the plane's tail appears...

Next time, I want to get onto a Liverpool plane!

And guess what? I got the same plane on the return trip to Kuching. Walau!