Monday, March 26, 2007

Convoy... ... Nike Ver. ?!

I don't know much about Nike stuff, since I'm not into jogging or any of their items. But this one…

Even the box is very 'Nike' - Image from Transformers World 2005

I don’t know if I should categorize it as a Transformers toy or a pair of ‘special sport shoes’. Never a second before I thought that Transformers can be in disguise as part of our attire. Our usual perception is that they must be in machines of some sort, or animals made famous by the Beast Wars series. Creative design, and a bit crazy as well, I have to give it to the designers (not sure if they are from Takara or Nike or both :-) From the Binal-Tech series, we get Transformers featuring real sport cars seen on the street. Now Transformers become shoes people wear daily on the street. Also, Convoy is promoting Nike, maybe Adidas and Reebok will retaliate with their own version of Convoy as well.

I know what you’re thinking, but from the information I read, this pair of shoes are NOT meant to be worn. Imagine stepping on Convoy’s head when you’re jogging. What a bitter humiliation that would be to the commander of the Autobots.

Personally, I think the design of the shoes is really nice, as with all the previous Nike shoes. But when it transforms into Convoy, its back is so damn ugly. Don't blame me, the shoes are supposed to be for the comfort of our feet, so the design must deter Convoy from being real machine like as we know him, i.e. it looks really real as a pair of shoes, but the transformation must have some permanent defects. However, there are some really cool design, like the famous swoosh on the chest, and the little Nike Free 7.0 worn by convoy himslef in robot mode. Plus the price isn't too expensive either: $30, which is less than RM120 in Malaysia (not including shipment of course).

Should be quite nice to surprise your girlfriend. Muahaha~

But no, I'm not going to buy this :-P