Thursday, March 01, 2007

Super-duper Ex-Model Hildolfr

Some updated images on the upcoming Gundam models and HCM-Pro figures from Gunota Headlines and The Gundam Base Side 1. The focus is on MG Strike Noir and HG-100 Akatsuki Full Set I think. Previously, I mentioned that MG Zaku II coming out in April would probably be MG No. 100. I still believe so as MG Strike Noir may be the REAL MG No. 99, not Hi-Nu Gundam, will definitely check on that for you. And for bling-bling fans, Akatsuki's shiny armor will definitely blur your eyes a bit, so blur you would probably see the 7,000 Yen price tag as 700 Yen, and burn your wallet without second thought!

My pick among all these upcoming model is Ex-Model Hildolfr. Wuhhuh~ It does transform! And it's just so cool. All the details make it seems extremely real as a tank. This one is on my wish list already.

Check out the images below for each models. Click on the names to view the rest of the images from the Gundam Base Side One.

MG Strike Noir - I don't think the display stand is included, which will be quite a disappointment. But a huge array of weapons are included to compensate that, even though posing them would be less. And for interested Gundam fan like Mike, the HG-100 SEED series manipulators are quite a bonus, since you can use those instead of the normal MG ones to protect the parts from being exhausted with all the action posing. Nice thinking from Bandai.

HGUC Mass Productive Gelgoog / Gelgoog Cannon - Color deviation HGUC kit of Char's Gelgoog released last year. At least Bandai is not as evil as before by giving us the compatibility between the mass productive and the cannon version. Both have different helmets for grunt unit and commander type as well.

HGUC Blue Destiny - A MS I'm not quite familiar with, just know that it's from a Gundam side story, and its arch-rival is a Zaku-Gouf variation called Efleet. The use of HGUC Gundam Hazel-type elbow joint is pretty much a seal for a lot of action and playability. Since the design of Blue Destiny is so close to RX-79[G] Ground Type Gundam, does this means that MS from the 08th MS Team will be HGUC-lized?

HG 1-100 Akatsuki Gundam Full Set - Don't forget to spray a layer of clear top coating if you're lazy to paint the kit, or suffer the effect of oxidization.

Ex-Model Hildolfr - I going to buy this one for sure! Sieg Zeon!!!

HCM-Pro Ground Type Gundam - Comes with a set of parts to add some cool combat effects to the figure. Will only work well if you're willing to paint the kit, and the extra parts are only available for limited release.

HCM-Pro Freedom Gundam - Small in size, but really neat in terms of action and details. The armor pieces of the chest come off to reveal the mechanical design inside, and lots of action for the rail cannons.

HCM-Pro Mass Productive Gelgoog and Kuspen's Gelgoog - Same images from my previous post, so I'm not going to repeat them here.

Also mentioned are HG 1-100 scale clear kits of the four models from the SEED Destiny series: Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice, Destiny and Legend. Not sure if Bandai will actually mass produced these kits for the market, or as souvenirs or model events and competitions. Anyway, they look real ugly as models for me~ XD