Thursday, March 08, 2007

MG Zaku 2 Ver 2.0 - More Surprises

I'm feeling extremely unlucky these few days.

At home, my Broadband was down, and my laptop is wireless connection is 'mysteriously' dysfunctional as well, so there's now way I can utilize the fast connection in my university for blogging, even though it's way faster than what my home PC can offer. Wuhhuh~~

Anyway, I'm currently using the computer lab for all my Internet stuff, and recently found some pretty cool images of MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 from Yoshimu's Blog. The news came from Gunota Headlines, and the photos are from a Japanese toy show called Modelers' Flea-Mar, which was the 5th so far.

What surprises me about Zaku II Ver. 2.0 this time is the mechanism. Apart from the neat inner frame, which seems to be getting cooler by each MG release, Bandai is also working hard in making the assembly of these models easily and more fun. take the conductive pipes from the photo for example, Gunpla modelers don't have to cut and assemble each individual ring anymore. The rings seem to be attached to the part trees, and modelers just need to snap off the gates, and slide the rings into the pipes. Easy for painting, and prevent you from losing any of those tiny parts as well. Nice.

Also, it seems like Zaku 2 will have its interior design for the foot as well. I can see some hydalic pipes from the photos. Extra nice.

The manipulators are those of Dom and Sazabi: larger, and more action for each fingers as well.

Overall, this will definitely be the best Zaku 2 yet. All the stuff mentioned above have already surpass all the previous MG Zakus and Goufs.

Can't wait to get my hands on it ^o^

From the same source, another juicy image of MG Strike Noir. So far the design has been quite amazing, but I don't know why Bandai threw in not one, but two Duel Gundam type beam rifle into the kit. I've never seen Strike Noir use it before in the anime, even Blu Duel Gundam doesn't seem to have it on its armament list.

Speaking of kits from Stargazer, SD Verde Buster is also on show. Better design than the original Buster Gundam, especially the huge visor. Haven't seen many images of this SD kit, here's one though~

More images from Yoshimu's Blog.