Saturday, September 25, 2010

Evangelion New Theatrical Ver. Prize Items Reissue

Banpresto announced the reissue of Ichiban Kuji Compact Evangelion New Theatrical ver. prize item set, which was first released in May last year.

Information regarding the various categories in this prize item set from the first announcement:

Set A: Sachiel Mouse & mouse pad. The mouse pad's size is 16cm (height) x 18cm (width).

Special type: Sachiel Mouse clear ver & mouse pad.

Set B: Seele calculator. 13cm (height) x 7cm (width). Numbers on the buttons are in Kanji.

Set C: Longinus Pen. 18cm in length.

Set D: Name cards and casings with Nerv insignias. All four types. About 5.5cm (height) x 9cm (width).

Set E: Memo blocks. All four types. 200 sheets for each blocks. 8cm (height) x 12cm (width) x 2cm (depth).

Set F: Hardcover notes & sticker designs. Hardcover notes are A5 sized (21cm - height x 15cm - width) ; while the stickers are in A7.

Late October reissue, 400 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

Images and information are from this previous posting.