Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sci-fi Revoltech Jason Preview

A preview on the upcoming Sci-fi Revoltech No. 14 Jason Voorhees, which was first revealed in early July.

125mm tall. 14 points of articulation, 12 Revoltech joints used.

Jacket (except the sleeves) is molded in a soft material, allowing the legs to move freely.

Include an option head and hockey mask with wound from an ax hack.


A display base of a barn designed to show horror is included.

Wrist joint is designed to show the veins of the hand in different poses.
Gory severed head image

Comes with extensive weapons.

More images can be seen in this and this previous posting.

October 1st release, 2,850 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Hobby Stock.