Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Robot Damashii Arios Ascalon & Others Packaging & Content

No need to wait till tomorrow it seems. ^^ The packaging and content for many of Tamashii Nation's new items for tomorrow release according to the confirmed release schedule can now be seen on Hobby Search. Some of them may not be available at the moment.

Robot Damashii [Side MS] Arios Ascalon - 3,500 Yen.

S.I.C. Vol. 55 Kamen Rider Stronger and Tackle - 6,500 Yen.

S.H. Figuarts Cure Passion - Image of packaging and content not available at the moment this posting is published. 3,500 Yen.

Ultra-Act Ultraman Zero - 3,200 Yen.

Soul of Chogokin GX-55 Tobikage & Houraioh - 9,000 Yen.

DX Chogokin VB-6 König Monster - 16,000 Yen.

DX Chogokin VB-6 König Monster (SP Ver.) - 20,000 Yen.

Images are from Hobby Search.