Friday, October 01, 2010

Prelude to the Ending

Earlier this year I was hoping that this blog of mine would last longer than Gunota Headlines, and just a few days ago when I announced that I'm reviewing my interest to continue the blog, I was still hanging on to the idea that I could do that, but the answer was very clear since a long time ago, going on like this till March next year will be a dragging pain for me for another 6 months.

So, my greatest apology to my friends, loyal readers, frequent visitors and friends of this blog, I would like to formally announce that this blog, Ngee Khiong will end today (October 1st). There will be another posting coming up, a very long writeup on the decision to quit,which I pondered since September last year, coming up after this to provide some justification to this harsh outcome. In between this and that upcoming posting, there will be no more updates on hobby related news - something I need to remind myself of as well (bitter smile ^^;)

In before that posting, I would like to thank everyone who visit my blog. I understand that there are many people who read my blog "intensely" - several times a day. I thank you for that. And I thank all the forums, websites and blogs who linked to mine on certain news, and I would also like to give my biggest thanks to all the forums and websites, first Gunota Headlines before it closed in 2008, then Toysdaily, CyberGundam, ToyWorld Forum, Futaba Imageboard, Muso's Photo Album and many other Japanese hobby websites that you can find from the links I posted in all my previous postings. I do believe that the people who run those sites are far more respectable than me, because they get the news faster than I do, but they always go low profile, unsung heroes that they are. My thanks to all of them, and many others I can't list out here for the great news all these years.

I would also like to thank all the people who sent me emails regarding my decision to close the blog since the announcement. Thank you for your concern. I hope the next posting will answer all your questions about this decision to quit.

Lastly, in before that last posting of this blog, I would like to clear off some guesses as to why the sudden end. It's not about having no time to maintain it; not about having other priorities or work; definitely not about money. The truth is, I'm extremely disappointed with the development of the Gundam and Gunpla community as I see it now, so tired I don't want to share my interest in Gundam and Gunpla anymore on this blog. I used to think that things would be better with more timely information on various products and news, but the segregation, discrimination and general perception of many so-called Gundam and Gunpla fans is worse than 5 years ago, despite my effort of showing objectivity in whatever I say through the blog, and I don't want to be part of this anymore. Fact: I have all the time and energy in the world to update my blog - just see how many posting I did last month, but I have zero intention to do so now. I will shut up about anything about Gundam from now on, except through emails and comments on some of my friends' blogs.

I will discuss about all that displeasure in the next posting, but before that, maybe you would like to think about some of these issues as well:
- "UC fans", "Gundam SEED & SEED Destiny fans", "Gundam UC fans", Gundam fans
- Pirated Gunplas
- What is the value of your Gunpla in your life?
- Websites seeking publicity, profit, hits and visitor number over real interest in Gundam and related hobby.

Gunota Headlines closed down graciously, but I don't think I can have that luxury. ^^; The next posting is going to be a great bashing on many people, as least that's how I envisioned it to be. But the bottom line is, this is the end of this blog. Thank you.