Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gundam Updates from Dengeki Hobby May Issue & Others EDITED

EDITED: Added information on HGUC Nu Gundam.

Plenty of updates on Gunpla, HCM-Pro, Super Robot Wars models and others from Dengeki Hobby May issue.

1/100 Overflag - More design sketches of this kit. I believe Graham Aker's unit which was customized with a GN Drive in Episode 22 is also being planned, especially when his special rifle is no where to be found on this design sketch and the previous one. Folks who don't want to fall for Bandai's 'evil' money-making scheme beware ^^;

HGUC Zaku II FZ - Comes with two different helmet designs - the one designed after the German soldiers' helmet used in World War II is my favorite.

BB Senshi Sangokuden Koumei ReGZ - part-swapping for the face?

Dong Zhuo Zaku looks absolutely bad-ass. XD Is he going to be made into a BB Senshi model too?

HCM-Pro Gundam Deathscythe - Huge beam part for the scythe. O_O Also, the articulation for the waist is very well designed ^^

1/144 Altalion - Not very sure about the story behind this SRW mecha, but for fans who are interested, this will be a June release and it's priced at 4,410 yen.

Non-scale Grungust Type 0 and 1/100 R-1 - both will be available in summer this year.

Revoltech Gurren Lagann, Raizengan, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - The one full of drills shown on the left is a modified version I believe. The original Revoltech version doesn't come with all the drills.

More Revoltech Gurren Lagann ^^
All images above are from Toysdaily.

Soul of Chogokin Daimos - I have no idea how the container of the truck transforms into its body ^^;
Image from SRW Hotnews.

On the other hand, here are some Gundam merchandises available on Hobby Search:

HGUC Nu Gundam - Awesome appearance aside, the number of parts for HGUC really justifies the 2,500 Yen-price tag placed upon it. Furthermore, plenty of nifty assembly methods too ^^

HG 1/144 Trojan Noiret's Customized Gundam Astray Green Frame - featuring a new double beam lance/beam rifle.

HG 1/144 Leons Graves's Customized Arms Astray PMC Custom - featuring new head design with V-Fin.

Gundam Decal for Gundam Double O - Celestial Beings and Union, HRL & AEU - Nice accessories for your Gundam Double O model. My favorite is the Teddy Bear design for Sergei XD
Images from Hobby Search.