Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blah about My KL Trip

I finally moved my lazy butts a bit to update my Blog. Just finished the few reviews on my KL trip from Saturday, July 8th till Thursday, July 13th, which was a week ago. Sorry for the late postings guys -_-++ but the photos need a bit of formatting, blah blah, sound like excuses more than reasons. Anyway, you can disregard the links you see in the 'Previous Posts' section, please use the links here so that you can read the postings in order:

1. MU Plane for a Liverpool fan
2. World Cup Final in Bukit Bintang
3. Food
4. Gundam and Coolsome Stuff
5. Twin Towers and KL Tower
6. Genting
7. Some Cool Stuffs I saw

So, life's back to normal once more, and so is my blog about Gundam as well. The PLAMO review on MG Aile Strike will be up soon, as well as the review on the anime Gundam F91 I watched recently.