Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Master Grade Gyan

Gyan is one of “older type” MS design among the many Gundam superstars we have today. I say it’s the older type because it appears in the first Gundam anime series in the 80s. Given the fact that the quality of the anime is nowhere near to what we have today, Characters like Gyan, which are like cameos on screen for Gundam to destroy once it comes onto the battlefield, didn’t get as much attention as it supposed to have.

I always fancy Gyan being the MS size French knight (see the image attached). Especially the design of the helmet, a cross split on the face for the mono-eye camera and the spike on top of the head made Gyan looks less menacing as Z’Gok or Dom, but some special quality of it being a warrior type MS. By the way, here’s some background info on Gyan: Gyan was designed by the Principality of Zeon solely for close combat. The generator of Gyan was modified so that it can incorporate a huge beam sword, which looks incredibly like the jousting lance used in Medieval Europe. With that in mind, there is no range weapon like rifle or bazooka for this fella.

Over the few years, Bandai released many Master Grade Zeon MS, like Zaku 2, Gelgoog, Gouf, Z’Gok, Gogg, even the strange looking Acguy got the Master Grade treatment. Gyan seems to be left out of the picture. But recently, Bandai released news about the MG Gyan coming out at the end of May. The price is around 3,300 to 3,500 Yen. Personally, I looking forward to this model, not only because I’m a fan of Gyan, but the modeling technology of Bandai gives me confidence that the articulation and possibility of this model is going to be excellent to justify it being a close combat MS. There is surely tons of fun posing it together with its archenemy, Gundam RX-78-2.