Friday, March 10, 2006

Underworld: Evolution

I watched Underworld: Evolution recently and really enjoyed the show. Definitely great to see Kate Beckinsale in her tight leather suit fighting vampires and werewolves ^o^.

The storyline is OK, but I think the director could have given more emotion to Selene, instead of just kill-kill-kill-perfect-assassin type of huntress without much human sense in her. On the action and special effect of the movie, none of the them is really new actually, For example, the helicopter crashing into the ruined fortress scene, I remembered watching that in some movies years back, so there is not much excitement there.

In terms of pace however, this movie is definitely better than Van Helsing (2004) . The two shared a lot in common, like the theme of vampire and werewolves stuff, crossbows as one of the weapons, damp and dark dungeons etc. But Van Helsing is so action-packed you don’t have time to grasp the story. I think there are like three or four major battle scenes throughout than movie. Quite excessive actually. Underworld: Evolution shifted the major battle scenes to the very end, and typically average movie viewer like me will not have heart attack catching vampires flying around and stuff like that on the screen. However, I like the werewolf design in Van Helsing better than this movie, and the transformation sequence in Van Helsing look more genuine as well. Apart from that, this movie is good choice to fill up your boring night.