Monday, August 11, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 27

80's: Angry Rising Blue

I know, a long overdue posting on Kamen Rider Kiva again and again. ^^;

I actually watched the video streaming of this episode on Tudou last week, but the quality was just too low for any screen shot. Not much can be expected from a 24 minute/25MB FLV file right?

As a short summary, this episode is mainly about Keisuke. I don't remember seeing him playing the lead character in any episode so far in the series, so this episode is definitely his chance. Kind-of late in my opinion, Keisuke as the second Kamen Rider in the series only gets more screen time this week, after appearing for around 20 episodes must seem really unfair for his fans ^^;

Anyway, Keisuke is a huge bang in this episode, that's for sure. ^^

Keisuke works out in the gym (for the first time in the series), and Shima rewards him with the upgraded IXA Knuckle.
He can probably get it sooner if he visits the gym more frequently XD

Megumi's been arrested for eating too much (suspicion of burglary actually ^^;)...

Shima suffers the same fate, for doing nothing except exercising at the gym and drinking coffee at Master's Cafe so far in the series (suspicion of murder actually ^^;)

The only person from the trio left now is Keisuke. He and his disciple Kengo go out to look for clues about the arrests of his friends.

Attack of the Crab Fangire, and the 'regular' IXA is not enough to stop him now.

Time for an upgrade - Rising IXA time! Awesome transformation gimmicks, but...
... isn't it a bit too early to reveal the new form? ^^;

No kidding, the new IXA System is unstable, just like the faulty original IXA back in 1986. Keisuke's knocked out of his IXA form, as the Crab Fangire gets away.

Unfortunately for our hero, the cops are there waiting for him. Keisuke manages to run away, but the IXA Knuckle is with the cops now.

Almost too convenient for Keisuke, a mysterious man is also there, right in the middle of his escape route to pick him up.

The mystery man, Tanahashi then brings Keisuke to a place to explain all the plots he has against the Blue Sky Organization. It's something about his unfinished painting of Maya and IXA harming him back in 1986.
That's not a very brilliant way to become a villain eh? ^^;

Shizuka shows Wataru a message about Keisuke's arrest on her cellphone. Cool gadget! ^^;
Keisuke and Kengo then shows up in his place, for eh, not sure what's the point myself.

Keisuke's on the run again, and Kengo who was with him a moment ago disappeared.
And guess who he bumps into next?

Jiro calls out Castle Dran from the ground of the park, and shows Keisuke the Time Door. Keisuke begins his time adventure before he could hesitate.

Very late appearance of Yuri and Otoya in this episode, and Otoya 'saves' Keisuke from 'committing suicide' after he successfully traveled back in time.

I'm still not used to this very loving Yuri, ^^; and Keisuke being who Keisuke usually is has an opinion about that as well. ^^;

We suddenly jump to a scene where Wataru talks about his childhood friend, someone named Taigo
Hmm... ^^;

Otaya's violin skill can make roses bloom. Wuhhuh!
Time to LOL? ^^;
Tanahashi offered to paint his portrait, but Maya becomes the model instead.

As Tanahashi is busy with his painting, a Fangire gets ready to target the house, for eh, unrevealed reason.
Keisuke is there waiting, knowing that this may be the place the old IXA might commit the error which dooms his future.

To his shock, Keisuke gets to know who's IXA back in 1986.

Kengo who got lost with his 'teacher' earlier on is under attack by the Crab Fangire, and it's Kiva time for this episode.

Kiva has the early advantage, as Kengo is providing some 'battle music' XD

The Crab Fangire 'cheats' again! XD Plenty of explosive form (yuck!) covering the body of Kiva. Tatsulot appears and attack the Fangire.

Kiva is revived in his Emperor Form, and calls for Wake Up Fever.
The Crab Fangire seems like he's going to be alive though.

Back in 1986, Otoya manages to fire a hit using IXA Knuckle that sends the Fangire away, and Keisuke's showing plenty of gratitude to his savior.

For a "build-up" episode (epsiodes introducing new characters, Fangire and plot point to be concluded in the subsequent episode, usually the odd-numbered ones), the pace is surprisingly fast. The arrest of Megumi and Shima, attack of the Fangire, Rising IXA's debut, Keisuke's meeting with Otoya, Emperor Kiva's action and others are all in this week's episode. I really 'enjoyed' this episode, and it would be awesome if this is the how the remaining episodes are going to be like, the pace I mean.

Enjoyed with quotation marks as you can see, because despite the fast pace, there are so many plot holes in between those action as well. Tanahashi explaining his whole plot to Keisuke is one thing, Keisuke showing up in Wataru's place is another, and the very convenient meeting with Jiro are almost too obvious for the audience to see that the episode is rushing all the plot points to finish within 24 minutes.

But maybe I should be grateful that the writers didn't decide to drag the story on for three or four episodes.

For Rising IXA form, I think its debut is just too funny to impress me. XD I used to think that the preview last week, with him jumping around firing his new gun is going to be reserved till the last minute, but I was wrong on both points. Actually it's Rising IXA being thrown back for using the weapon, and he came out before halfway into this episode.

Talk about being anticlimactic ^^;

This episode is also the first reappearance of Jiro after he blew his cover in front of Yuri in Episode 24. And it looks like Jiro (and perhaps Ramon and Rikki as well) is not barred within Castle Dran and can roam freely on the street now. Castle Dran's Time Door is revealed, and I think it would also be used in the theatrical version, Kamen Rider Kiva: The King of Hell Castle as well.

Keisuke's adventure back in time, and his meeting with Otoya were the most anticipated part for me in this episode. Keisuke's short temper and impatience, matched with Otoya's super-duper philosophy is way cooler than the Fangire action for me. XD Luckily for Wataru and Megumi, Keisuke didn't mention about him at all in front of their respective parents. Any change in history, and those two would probably never be born ^^;

Disappointingly, the interaction between the two is quite limited actually. Hopefully there will be more installed next week ^^

Also, as you can see, no Mio-chan or the Checkmate Four plot in this episode, save for Maya's time getting her portrait painted of course.

Preview for Episode 28: Request: Time-Altering Battle

- Kengo and Megumi in trouble
- Keisuke's time with Yuri and Maya
- Rising IXA

You can watch Episode 27 on Tudou (with Chinese subtitle).