Monday, March 20, 2006

My top ten Gundam models

I started collecting Gundam models for a good nine years now, and my collection reached 100 about a year ago. Currently, I have 117 models, mainly the High Grade 1-144 scale models, which you can find much easier here in Kuching. If you’re thinking of bigger Gundam models, not only High Grade but Master Grade as well, Kuching is really not the right place for you to do your shopping. The models you get are either too insignificant (Zaku 2s, GMs, Strike etc) or the price will be the greatest barrier for you to make the final decision.

Nonetheless, I like all the models I have in my collection. For me, every single one of them is good, there are certain specialties in them which made me made the purchase in the first place. Attributes like richness in pose-ability, elaborative array of weapons, or sometimes, the looks of them as displayed on the box cover is enough to made up the reasons for me to buy them.

Here are my top ten models in my collection:
1. MG 1-100 Scale Kampfer
2. PG 1-60 Scale Strike Rouge
3. MG 1-100 Scale GP01A
4. MG 1-100 Scale GP03S
5. MG 1-100 Scale Rick Dom
6. HGUC (High Grade Universal Century) 1-144 Scale Operation V (Gundam, Guncannon & Guntank)
7. HG 1-144 Scale Astray Red Frame
8. MG 1-100 Scale Ex-S Gundam
9. MG 1-100 Scale S Gundam
10.PG 1-60 Scale Gundam Mk2 (Titans Version)

…and the top ten models I would like to add to my current list:
1. MG Sazabi
2. MG Nu Gundam
3. MG Freedom Gundam
4. MG Gundam RX-78-2 (One Year War Version)
5. PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom
6. HG 1-100 Scale Destiny Gundam
7. HG 1-100 Scale Duel Gundam
8. PG Gundam RX-78-2
9. MG Gundam Mk2 Version 2 (AEUG’s Version)
10.MG Zaku 2 F2 (Zeon's Version)